It’s strange to think that this could be our new reality for a while.

Local business closures, physical isolation, and video hangouts amongst family and friends have become the new normal.

As businesses and leaders grapple with these uncertain times, one thing is clear – this is a moment in time that we will never forget and how companies chose to respond (or not to) will influence how consumers see, feel, and act towards them.

With the disruptions in consumer behavior and buying patterns, many business owners have been asking one question in particular: how should companies and agencies effectively manage their marketing and communication efforts going forward?

Here’s the top 3 trends I’ve been analyzing thus far. Consider implementing these into your marketing and communication plans now and in the future, if you do not do so already.

1.       User-generated content

With the sudden office and production closures, more brands are realizing the positive effect of simple, user generated content. Video shots from cell phones are making its way across the big screens. Companies are recognizing that having a big production budget is not synonymous with producing high quality content. For example, look at Facebook’s newest commercial, a poetic film about COVID-19 which introduces their Community Help platform. The commercial consists of both user-generated and photojournalistic content. It is soulful, emotional, and relevant. Consider how you can communicate the value of your brand or service by reproducing highly relatable and engaging content.

2.       Social listening  

What is your audience saying during this time? What do they value most at this moment? Take this time to truly listen to your audience; it will help you to refine your brand messaging and produce more relevant content. Simple social listening tools such as Awario tracks keywords in various languages from all over the world. This social listening tool will provide your business with the resources it needs to effectively monitor and respond to relevant content and build meaningful connections with your target audience.

3.       Owning your audiences

With the ever-evolving algorithmic changes of social media, how are you ensuring that your brand message is being seen by the right people? Consider text message marketing, the act of sending announcements, deals and or events via text message. Because users are less likely to change their phone numbers as frequently as they would an email, text message marketing allows you to truly “own” your audience and ensure that they see your most valuable content. However, there is a thin line between adding value and being bothersome or commercial through text messaging. Since text messages are highly personal, crafting a personalized message and developing a specific cadence is imperative when developing your strategy. 

Interested in learning more about how you can strengthen your brand messaging during this time? Send me an email at [email protected] and let’s connect!