By Patricia O’Connor Heitz

What does money really mean to you?  Most of us will reply that it means we do not have enough.  However, if you look at your individual belief about what money means to you, you will discover, that it means what YOU believe about its value to who you are.

To really understand, Let’s do a quick Energy 101 review:

Everything is made up of Energy.  Everything in our lives come from particles that generate energy.; therefore, everything is energy.    However, some material items in our life,  have much more energy and power to them by how we perceive them.  Money is one of these. Money, in and of itself, is made up of paper and ink.  It has the energy of the particles of the tree the paper came from, and the energy of the ink, which, today is made from iron and iron compounds, which contain energy.  Therefore, money is energy.  However, the most powerful energy of money is what we, give it.  We perceive money to be the answer to EVERYTHING.  We perceive money to have value and give value in our lives.  This means if we do not have money, we do not have value, and if we do not have value, we are not valuable in our lives, relationships, jobs/careers, etc. Our perceived self-value is all about not having or being enough. This is living in the lowest energy; the lowest vibration, which is the vibration of lack.  However, we vibrate, depending on what we believe about ourselves, is what we attract as it’s like.  Therefore, if we vibrate in a place of lack, we will attract people, situations, events, and yes, lack of money, that reinforce lack in our lives. This is the essence of money stress.

I discovered this over many years of studying energy in my own life.  In 2002 I was diagnosed with Kidney cancer.  I had no symptoms, so to say it came as a shock is an understatement.  I had 2 young children at the time, and what I knew about kidney cancer, is the survival rate was low.  So, I prayed.  My intuition kept telling me, there was something about this disease that I needed to learn something from.  So, I kept praying “Help me see what I need to know and know what I need to know to heal myself from this disease”.  I prayed every day while waiting for Surgery for removal of my right kidney, recouperation post-surgery and then the agonizing prognosis of kidney biopsy and surrounding tissue to see if cancer had traveled outside the kidney.  While home recuperating, I read the book “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay.  When I read the question:  “Why do you need to have this disease”, the answer struck me like a lightning bolt!   The electricity that surged through my body when I realized what I believed about myself to attract this disease completely shook me. It took me a few days to really grasp, what a powerful negative belief I had about myself, my feeling of never being or having enough, my deep sense of not having value, not being worthy, etc. that had come from growing up in a dysfunctional alcoholic home.  The emotion I stored in my body was devastating anger and fear.  These emotions, I believed, were literally killing me.  With this realization, I knew I had to know everything about how energy and emotions work in our body.  I thought: “If I could create cancer in my body because I am angry and have low self-value, what could I do If I believed good things about myself?”  That began my journey of studying energy.  I can truthfully, and emphatically say, that after 19 years (this year,) I now live a life I could never have imagined back then. I love me, my life, my husband, my family, my lifestyle; literally everything about my life. I live with the mindset of never worrying about money.  As my value to me and the world has expanded, so has my income.  I wake up every day so happy to start my day doing what I love and seeing love and joy everywhere I look.  To say I am blessed is an understatement.  I live a life created from a miracle. I now teach others how to find their authentic self through exploration of their belief system, changing what they believe to support what they want their life to be, and create the life of their dreams. I even wrote a book: “Daydreams Come True” to help others and take them on a full journey to incorporating that new belief into their lives. 

So, how do you, or anyone else, make this transition from a life of lack to a life of high value, wealth, prosperity, and abundance?  You do not have to have a devastating disease.  All you have to do is start looking at your life, what you believe about you and your life, and start the process of the internal questions you will need to ask yourself to find the answers to make the changes in your belief system.

It may not be easy, but with every answer to every question about the “why” you will be motivated to continue.  It’s like a great puzzle, and when you get and find all the pieces and put together this new picture, new vision of the life, you will be grateful beyond words.

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