The meaning of life in five words ? Well, I have two times five words. One is the consequence of the second:

> Follow your very own path

>> Write down your own legend

But what does that mean ?

Look at the picture above. See the trees, the light, the path, the nature ?

This is the picture of life.

Life is like a forest. And I guess that we are all somehow lost in this forest. You, your friends, your parents, your neighbors, your teachers, your boss — we all are.

Nature is invasive and full of secrets. But when you walk inside these trees, you are amazed by all what you discover. Curious leaves, flowers, plants, mushrooms, monsoon, rocks, animals…

Life is exactly the same.

As soon as you stepped inside the forest of life, you’ll find many unexpected plants. There are flower of joy, and poisonous berries of sorrow. You’ll smell them, you’ll taste them. You might find yourself sick, but then you’ll look for some fresh source of water, recover and walk your path again.

Yes, your path, because we all have one.

Follow your very own path

At first, you will feel like lost in this very forest. Your parents taught you how to recognize bad plants from good ones, how to behave with animals, well, more basically, how to walk, run and hike. But when you’re facing the real nature of life, you realize it’s not exactly the same as you expected. It’s not a marvelous world full of magic and dwarfs and fairies. So you may panic.

But then, you hear a voice. An inner voice, that guides you in this forest.

This is your intuition. And the more you go forward, the more it seems that there is a path.

It is your very own path.

The path that you will draw, the path you gonna leave behind you, yours and not the one of your parents, your boss, or anyone. Only yours. Guided by your intuition.

Write down your own legend

And as you are walking your own path, you are actually writing down your own legend.

Have you ever heard of “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho ? (For all French speakers, I wrote my own theory on this fantastic book here)

If not, you have to. It’s one of the most inspirational tale ever written.

It’s about how everyone has a legend to accomplish.

You have to follow the path your inner voice tells you to follow, no matter what. Because in this world, there is a treasure somewhere waiting for you.

And what guarantees you that you will achieve your legend ?

Well, it’s the whole lesson of Paulo Coelho’s theory:

And so, at the end of your life, when you will look back behind you, you will see the path you took and your own legend you wrote, and you will know:

The meaning of life was this path, all the way up.

I’m Anne-Sophie, a young French writer and kid who still believe in dreams and life. I write to share stories, feelings, happiness.

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