And this part is the mental health of an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs feel pressured to release perfect products and services to please everyone. And we all know that we can’t please everyone and perfection is a vague term, what is perfect for me is not perfect for you.

Kate Spade’s death inspired me to write this post to show you that having more money that you need is not enough for a 100% happy life. I’ve heard many people saying “I want to be famous” or “I want to be a millionaire” but none of them thought more in depth about being famous and millionaire.

Of course having more money help you to don’t worry what you will eat today or if you can pay your bills this month or what happens if you get sick suddenly, It’s a great feeling to don’t think about all these problems that millions of people face everyday.

But being a business owner and being in the position to release something new all the time and trying to please so many people with everything you do, face criticism, misunderstandings, all sorts of blockages, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, fear, doubts, depression, but with all these going into your life and you have to act all rich and happy. This is a huge pressure to deal with every day and some people can’t handle it forever.

Because they don’t talk about these struggles this doesn’t mean the problems don’t exist. The problems are there and gets worse everyday.

Are you sure you want to be that famous millionaire?

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