I’ve always had trouble falling asleep because my mind races when I get into bed. On average, I get around three to four hours of continuous sleep a night, which has had considerable negative effects on my memory, focus, and energy. But through my work with Thrive, I’ve learned a Microstep that’s helping me: Every night before bed, I ease myself into sleep by bringing my attention to my breathing. In just a few days of practice, I found that focusing on my breathing has helped my body and mind ease into a restful state. And the benefits of sleeping better are enormous. My ability to focus, retain information, and my overall energy throughout the day are improved.


  • Shawn Chacko

    Project Manager, Western Region

    Northwell Health

    Shawn Chacko has been with Northwell Health for 6 years, where he works alongside some of the best and brightest minds. His primary focus is in Human Resources, but his function touches so many different areas including, human capital, finance, engagement, technology, analytics, special projects, and more.