There are so many things that can cause you to stress in today’s busy world. If you are younger you are probably undergoing the stress of school, studying and preparing to take the next step in your life. If you are an adult with a home and a family you are going through many different types of stress at one time. You most likely have a busy schedule with kids and work that includes trying to balance your relationship and your career. One of the groups that are undergoing some of the most stress right now is the millennial group. A millennial is someone who was born between 1982 and 2004. If you are part of this group then you need some serious downtime.

What Is Stressing Out The Millennial Group?

This is a loaded question. If you are in this age group you are probably ticking off a large number of things in your life that are causing stress. The majority of this age group is in their 30’s. This is the time in life where most adults are graduated from college and trying to establish themselves in their adult lives. You are most likely climbing up the corporate ladder of whatever profession you have chosen. You no longer live in your parents’ house and are experiencing a mortgage or rent. You probably have a significant other. This comes with the stress of in-laws and extended family. You might have a young family and be navigating your way through the early stages of parenthood. You, millennial, are stressed. You have a lot of things influencing every minute of your life and you need a break.

Put Stress In The Back Seat

It doesn’t matter if you work twelve-hour shifts, ten-hour shifts, a typical eight hour work day or are on midnights. You still have to time off. If you have accrued vacation time you can use that and eliminate some of your stress. If you are saving your vacation time for a big trip that you have planned; make the most out of your weekend time. You need to put stress in the back seat and take charge of a few hours a week for yourself. If you do not rely solely on public transportation you should consider a fuel friendly, comfortable and sturdy SUV car, and many manufacturers make quite a few cars with hands-free technology and fuel-efficient settings. Take your spouse, significant other, friend or a group of friends and get out of your neighbourhood for the day.

Relieve Some Stress on a Tank of Gas and a Fixed Budget

You do not have to plan an elaborate weekend away in Vegas or at the coast. You can get away by yourself or with others for a tank of gas and a little spending cash. Obviously, if you live in Vegas or near the coast these might be fun ideas but there are quite a few things you can do if you live anywhere else in the US.

Hop in your car and take a hike. Visit a nice forest preserve, state park, arboretum or running/walking trail. You can relax and unwind in nature. Breathe in the intoxicating fresh air and let all of your stress from the week wash away. Leave your work problems at work and your home problems at home while you bask in natures beautiful colours, sights and sounds. If nature isn’t exactly your cup of tea you can do plenty of stress relieving activities indoors.

Some stress relieving indoor activities for Millennials include:

Visit a library or bookstore and browse the stacks.

Participate in a yoga class to release all negative energy.

Enjoy a movie that you’ve been wanting to see.

Participate in a winery or brewery tour.

Stroll around a museum for the afternoon.

Consume a delicious meal at a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try.

When All Else Fails

You may have made plans to go out with friends and decompress for an afternoon or a weekend away. Life can happen can plans can get ruined. Don’t let this cause more stress in your already stressful life. When all else fails and you find yourself with some free time and the need to destress you can still let your stress go. Believe it or not; volunteering can put life into perspective and relieve stress. When you feel good about helping your brain releases endorphins that can create a feeling of calm. If you have some spare time you can volunteer at a local food pantry or soup kitchen. Many animal shelters are also looking for helpers to walk the animals and clean their kennels. You can also visit many assisted living facilities and become a volunteer. Volunteers will read to the elderly or play a game of cards or checkers with the ones who don’t get many visitors. Bringing joy to a person or animal can bring joy into your life. The uplifting experiencing will help you navigate through your upcoming week.

No matter how busy your life may become do not let the stress bog you down. You deserve a break from work and home life. It is vital to your health to fit in time every week for yourself. If you cannot always take a weekend trip or afternoon away you should try to spend a few hours doing something that is rejuvenating for your mind and body. When you are feeling your best both mentally and physically you will thrive in your home and at your office. Work on building your relationships outside of work and grab some loved ones for a car ride to a stress relieving activity.