“Makeup isn’t trivial. It’s an important part of our self-esteem. Self-esteem improves confidence, and when we’re confident, anything is possible,” shares Jane Iredale, founder of the eponymous clean cosmetics and skincare brand. Iredale was inspired to create jane iredale after working in the entertainment industry and witnessing how physical appearance could impact mental well-being.

“I saw how much bad skin on models and actors not only affected their careers but severely impacted their self-esteem,” she explains, “That’s when I knew that they not only needed makeup that covered and looked good on camera, but also makeup that helped the health of the skin. And that has been our guide ever since.”

Skin issues affect everyone — not just actors and models. When the company introduced an ingestible that clears acne, Iredale truly began to understand the depth of this issue: “It was a revelation as men and women who suffered from severe acne told me that they had suicidal thoughts. The statistics on this are real and frightening.”

Women in focus groups have shared similar sentiments with Iredale, revealing how feeling good about the way they look improves everything they do. “I remember one woman telling me that she’s a writer and works from home. Taking a shower, doing her hair and makeup before she sits down to write helps her turn out better material. I believe her. I find the same thing myself,” she said.

The commitment to looking good and feeling good has been at the core of the brand since its inception. The intersection of beauty and mental well-being is underestimated, but jane iredale harnesses this connection to foster continued happiness and health.