What’s the secret behind achieving results? Learning how to set goals and objectives is the first basic step.

Mindfulness comes in the picture because it gives you the power to understand how better you can contribute to the world.

Whether in your personal life, your business life or both, when you determine your goals and objectives based on your values and priorities, your chances of reaching your target grow.

Often we base our goals and objectives on what we should do or who we should be, rather than on what we do and who we are. Being motivated by should is a recipe for disaster.

Check out these three tips designed to give you power when setting your goals and objectives for business success. They may just change your life.

Mindfulness Tip #1: Watch your language!

When you hear yourself using the words should or shouldn’t, beware of becoming a victim.

The words should and shouldn’t convey obligation rather than willingness to take a stand for ourselves and our goals and objectives. When we use should, our authentic self is not present.

How to make a change! Watch your language. Be intentional, and empower your actions by what you say.

Be mindful toward yourself.

Mindfulness Tip #2: Assess your lifestyle!

When setting goals and objectives, assess the kind of life you will be living to attain them. Make sure you understand how the people around you will be affected by your decisions.

When we don’t achieve our goals and objectives, it is most likely because we didn’t factor in the lifestyle we would have to embrace to reach them. Nor did we consider how feasible the changes would be for the close circle of people around us.

Be mindful toward others.

What does it mean to factor in lifestyle?

As a business success coach, I used to be approached in January by potential clients whose New Year’s resolution was to write a book. I would ask, “Do you love writing?” Most of the time, the answer was no!

I can assure you that writing a book takes discipline, clarity, passion and understanding of the writing process. Unless you really love writing (and sometimes even that isn’t enough), it is not for the faint of heart.

Considering that getting published and making money are against all odds, is it worth it to embark on a journey that you don’t like and would necessitate a lifestyle of misery?

I would ask the would-be blockbuster writers how it would feel to live their life doing something they didn’t particularly like. I got them to imagine the next year or two living and working as a writer.

I suggested they research the remuneration that most writers make. Once they explored the life circumstances of most writers, it became clear that the lifestyle wasn’t for them.

How to make a change! Think carefully about what your journey toward your goals and objectives will look like and share your discovery with the people around you. Both at work and at home, you want your team by your side.

What happens in the time between now and the completion of your goal is your journey, your daily life. What do you want it to be like?

Be mindful toward the NOW.

Mindfulness Tip #3: Where is passion?

Where is the passion? When setting goals and objectives, why is passion important in life?

Yes! Do listen to this awesome business advice from Steve Jobs. Getting where you want to be is hard work. Unless you are motivated by passion, you aren’t going to make it.

How to make a change! Fully embrace your power within. Let passion bring fire to your veins. Let it move you and direct you from the inside out.

I do most of my work as an executive consultant, business development coach and brand identity coach with entrepreneurs and small business owners. I have noticed that the people who achieve their goals and objectives with the greatest business success are the ones who act with intention, in line with their values and passions.

Be mindful toward the feeling you want to experience.

Get in tune with yourself and your values. You will find that setting your goals and objectives — and achieving them — will be easy and perfect.

XOXO Monica

Are you where you want to be?

Vancouver Executive Business Coach Monica Magnetti works online, by phone and in person. Monica supports her entrepreneurial clientele to focus on the values they want to bring to the world with their business.

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Originally published at www.lunacoaching.com on March 16, 2017.

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