With Christmas approaching fast, what better occasion to be as generous as we are mindful, and get conscious about what we buy?  On this jolly season, we’ve put together a very special gift guide for conscious consumers, and we think you’re gonna love it! Here’s how to treat your loved ones the mindful way…

‘WHY Do I Have To Sleep?’

This English edition of the best-selling meditation book by Danish author Signe Rhode is a beautiful, mindful gift for both parents and children. ‘Why Do I Have to Sleep?’ tells the story of a child who doesn’t want to go to bed but slowly opens up to wanting to sleep while his mother shares with him the importance of sleeping at night. Paperback, £11.98 Amazon.

Organic Nourishing Face Oil

This wonderful face oil from Apotheca is a treat for the skin, the planet and your self esteem. The British skincare brand offering 100% natural, sustainable products believes that beauty comes from within, irrespective of age, colour, size or shape, and doesn’t play on the beauty myth or body insecurities to promote products. It’s the perfect stocking filler! £25, Apotheca.

Do Your Dharma Course

This course is a game changer and a great gift to help empower your loved ones. Presented by Kitty Waters, host of the Kitty Talks podcast, serial entrepreneur and mentor, the course is designed to enlighten and help students follow their highest excitement and find their true purpose on earth. $297, Do Your Dharma.

‘The Magical Unfolding: 8 Magical Processes for Peace, Potential, and Purpose’

Written by coach and author Helen Rebello, ‘The Magical Unfolding’ shows you how to bring magic back into your life with little rituals and processes that are simple and easy to implement. The rituals are designed to get you out of your head to ground yourself and fully let go, and will make anyone happy this Christmas. Paperback, £13.68 Amazon.

Lavender Lover’s Gift Set

This beautiful, ethical beauty gift set can be found on Acala. The waste free and plastic free beauty platform offers a natural and certified organic skincare range and toiletries while keeping the same experience as mainstream beauty products. Lavender lovers will love it, but there are more gift sets to choose from onsite! £34.99, Acala.

‘The Story of Boxes: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly’

This new release was mindfully written by Rúna Magnúsdóttir and Nicholas Haines, leaders of The Change Makers and the #NoMoreBoxes movement. ‘The Story of Boxes’ shines a light on our mental habit of thinking in “boxes” – the authors’ lucid metaphor for the generalisations, classifications, and stereotypes that shape our thoughts and, ultimately, our lives. This will be greatly appreciated by a loved one looking for good read! Kindle version, £3.85, Amazon.

The Honey Lover’s Gift Set

This delicious gift set was crafted by Hive & Keeper, the British raw honey brand offering untreated, unheated honey. Each jar is from a single apiary all having different tastes, textures and colours. A treat for families, honey lovers, or the ones who have it all! £18.95, Hive & Keeper.

The Book of Soulful Musings

By wellbeing educator and author ChriSOULa Sirigou, ‘The Book of Soulful Musings’ offers a wide range of therapies, tips and insights from cleansing, healthy foods, gut health and sugar cravings to acupuncture, mindfulness, sweat lodges, body stress release technique and the healing properties of essential oils. All topics are discussed with a relevant expert contributor shedding light, wisdom and heart, which makes it a Christmas winner for both family and friends. £20.99, ChriSOULa Sirigou.

28 Days of Being Jolly Kind and Merry

This event is run and hosted by Nicholas Haines and Janet Carter who are both Kindness Ambassadors at the Five Institute.

28 Days of Being Jolly Kind and Merry is a heart-warming series of 3 webinars where you and a group of fellow explorers get together for a conversation and a fun filled dive into the world of self-care, kindness and being the best version of you. It’s a perfect way to end and start the year. Have you ever been told… “You’re too kind for your own good!”? Treat a loved one or a rude uncle by signing them up here – it’s Free!

‘I love you, Me!’

This beautiful book was written by Dr. Andrea Pennington, an integrative physician, acupuncturist, TEDx speaker and best-selling author specialising in age management medicine, mindfulness and sexual health. ‘I Love You, Me!’ gently guides readers through the steps of self-acceptance and ultimately self-love, which makes it the perfect gift for anyone going through a rough patch. Paperback, £13.46, Amazon.

‘The Ultimate Self-Help Book’

In ‘The Ultimate Self-Help Book’, the first instalment of the Energy Alignment Method ® Guide series, Yvette Taylor gives the keys to identify the source of spiritual, mental and emotional pain and resistances, and how to unlock your potential to thrive, bridging the gap between science and spirit in modern medicine. A must read! Kindle, £1.88, Amazon (paperback out 9 December 2018).

Looking for more ideas? Why not ask your local shops and local artisans to help you find the perfect gifts? This year we can all make an effort to shop locally and mindfully to help support small ethical businesses!


  • Jennifer Hakim

    Founder and director of Dare PR, a PR agency for mindful businesses.

    Jennifer Hakim is the founder and director of Dare PR, a PR agency for mindful businesses. For years Jennifer worked as a PR consultant for a range of clients from B2B corporations to charities, before launching an agency 100% committed to helping mindful, sustainable and conscious businesses make a better world. Jennifer is an expert in mindful business and communications, with a huge passion for environment-friendly and ethical products. She lives the plastic-free, waste-free way, an ethos that transpires in all her work.