What Your Every Cell Craves When You’ve Been Holding Your Breath For Far Too Long, Waiting For Everything To Be Over

For what feels like an eternity, the only thing you hear is a chant to retreat, back down, scale back, stay in, limit this, and watch out for this. The words are different but all are streams from the same hypnotic river. Shrink and do nothing but extreme self-care and cotton wrap your being while problem-solving. ‘Cause that’s the way to be right now with their three-step method to feel a few degrees from the world falling apart.

Even The Courageous Ones Cave In And Join The Waiting Game

And even the best of us, the positive and solution-focused, start holding our breaths. Waiting for better days. Waiting for everything to be over so we can start anew.

Oh how we miss lunches and the wine o’clock. The meetings and get-togethers we pretended we dreaded. And the hugs. If anything is worth holding our breaths, it’s definitely the hugs. Besides the wine o’clock, of course, that’s a given.

And while you wait you miss the whole point

And you’re so busy holding your breath, longing for the freedom you had, you miss the whole point. You miss the shouting from your soul, craving everything you’ve never allowed yourself to be. Calling for the wild life you came here to inhale. Crying for the grandness of you that’s deeply buried in the someday bin of scary AF dreams.

Don’t you get this is the perfect moment to make the change your soul has been calling for?

Don’t you get this is the perfect moment to spiral a new life into reality?

Don’t you get that opportunities are being handed to you on a silver platter?

You have a choice… besides the obvious heroic act of staying moderately sane. You have a choice to go beyond only getting through.

Badass… Don’t You Get It? This Your Perfect Moment

Why do you think you were born with fire in your veins? To cotton wrap and self medicate with snacks every five minutes? No, you were made for this. Dancing on tables with everything pumped up to the max, the center of the Universe. 

The melting pot of change we all feel… the tension turning average Karens and Joes cray cray… is the very energy you thrive on. Don’t let yourself drown in the hypnotic river of fear.

Dance Like You’ve Always Wanted But Never Dared

Go wild. I know you feel the sparks and the fire coming alive. Like you’re on the brink of exploding open and making every wild thing you’ve ever wanted happen.

Get out of the uncertainty that’s crippling you

Get out from under the weight of all the worries in the world

Get out of the cyclone of everything that’s going wrong right now

Show Yourself What You’re Capable Of, Despite Everything

Show yourself you can create magic. You can do this.

Stand taller babe and wildly dance on tables. You’re gonna look back at this moment with great pride. ‘Cause this is the moment you didn’t succumb to all.the.sh*t. but rose to what you’re made of

Even though you felt every shred of energy was being sucked out of you

Even though the only thing you wanted was to soothe yourself… somehow

Even though you felt you couldn’t… ‘cause all.the.things

..but you could

You Set Yourself Straight

You free your mind, take control, and remember you’re a wild one. And you decide to drop the meaning-making and open the cage you placed yourself in. You realize there’s nothing you cannot handle and that’s the truth. Whatever you lost.. whatever you feel you’re losing… scream, cry, and grieve. Then set yourself straight and realize the opportunity to create a wild new reality.

You Choose The Wildest Playground Like Everything Will Work Out… ‘cause You Say So

Clean slate and no regrets. You choose what sets your heart on fire. You decide and set in motion what you would always choose if everything was perfect. With you like a crazy creator on top of the world, where limiting yourself doesn’t even exist. Where polishing yourself and holding back to fit all.the.roles. has never so much as crossed your mind. Where you laugh at the idea of not being good enough. Where someday is today.

And You Dance On Tables

You pump up the volume and dance like you were born to do. Like a wild soul, you rock harder than ever before with all of what you are. You make a rock-solid choice to stand like a beacon of power and strength and make the change your soul has been calling for. You’re wilder than ever. You play wilder than ever with what you’ve got. You don’t need anything else. You do whatever it takes to save the day and put passion to work to create the tomorrows.

‘Cause flipping challenges to victories is the wildest play of all. Of choosing all that you are, passionately playing the game of life with everything you’ve got. 

You cannot ever lose. ‘Cause you decided not to.