Keys to developing the mind-set of a Spiritual Warrior are living in Freedom, Love, Adventures (or experiences), Gratitude and Service (FLAGS). This embraces managing our mind and mood, and learning to live in the present while loving-what-is.

The way that you choose to live and respond to life, is a direct reflection of your mind-set. It is important then to “Know Thyself,” a phrase often attributed to Socrates, and inscribed at the Temple of Apollo at Adelphi, Greece. “As within so without,” and, “as above so below,” are further ancient sayings that point to your external world being a reflection of your inner world. A Course in Miracles says that one day we will realize that nothing occurs outside our own minds.

If you want a great life, you will need to operate from forever-Being as a Spiritual Warrior and renew your mind. Indeed, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” to quote Gandhi.

And, to renew your mind there are two actions that you must take:

1. Live in the light, the life energy, the life force of the Cosmos by living in the here and now moment, and consciously focusing on peace, love, joy and appreciation for all things.

2. Let go and allow the light in, to overcome the darkness or unconsciousness of your ego, unhelpful prior conditioning and associated limiting-beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

It is essential to recondition your beliefs, (things you feel to be true but may not be), because your beliefs are the dominant factor in determining your actions and results in life. Some of these beliefs are conscious, such as certain preferences, others are unconscious. Some beliefs are good for you, and others, generally referred to as limiting-beliefs, prevent you from living life to the full. Now, in order to change your limiting-beliefs you need to know what they are, and the way to find this out is to examine your self-talk and your emotions – particularly when considering your vision, mission or goals. As witness or observer, you are then in a position to correct or reframe the beliefs that you consider to be unhelpful. Some negative emotions and fears will dissolve or dissipate under your observation. This is the Power of Awareness.

And, you must surrender all that is not you – this means temporary aspects including thoughts, emotions and some beliefs that come and go. Ultimately, your (ever-changing) body isn’t you either, just a vehicle for this human lifespan.

It is very essential to apply this inner work.

Further, to be a Spiritual Warrior, confronting your demons or shadow-self, certain understandings are required:

1. You have a choice in developing a mind-set and way of being in the world that truly serves life, by allowing consciousness, the Creative Energy of Source, to flow through you unimpeded.

2. Everyone is living according to their current level of consciousness. Forgive unconsciousness! And, learn unconditional acceptance.

3. No one asked to be born! Be compassionate with yourself and others.

4. You were created just like a flower and the life force gives life without additional effort – the lilies neither toil nor spin – nor need you! Let go!!

5. You can accept that your digestion runs unaided, by the life force. Why force things? Relax!

6. You’re safe!! There’s no man-eating tiger in the room! Be calm and bold!

7. Death is never far away and is simply a milestone on your journey. Live one day at a time.

8. It is impermanence, (the temporary nature of forms), that makes everything possible within the context of inter-being and oneness

9. Do or die is an acceptable commitment to your few fervent passions/ contributions

10. Practice makes perfect and repetition is the mother skill for rewiring beliefs and successful habits

Realize and remember that whenever negativity or uncomfortable emotions come up that you have inner work to do! Be (a Thought) and Emotion Detective!! What must you be thinking and believing for this emotion to arise? Question, correct, accept or change.

Train yourself to remain present in the now as much as possible, returning to your breath, or other non-thought aspect of attention. Relax, let go and love what-is. Be alert to your thoughts and feelings, catching any negativity in the bud, before it causes you or others trouble. Have faith in your eternal divinity, in your Oneness, (as the life force or consciousness, connected back to Eternity or Source through the preceding causal chain that includes the earliest human beings, the formation of our planet and the evolution of our universe).

In awareness, you dis-identify with the time-bound ego that is lost in past and future. Bold action, while fully present in the here and now, is the key to all worthwhile success!! And this refers to love-inspired action from forever-Being, not from ego, or ultimately, fear-driven action! Your present moment acceptance of challenges when they arise, leads to the emergence of powerful and effective solutions. Refuse to be buffeted by life’s storms that cannot ruffle your untouchable essence. You’re still here.

Be relaxed, calm, bold, and present in your essence at all times.


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