Everyday I read about a new methodology or a new curriculum that will fix our education system. Charter schools promise they will have better results than public schools. But what is missing in our educational system? When we look at students what stands out? What is our end goal in educating our students?

We spend hours testing students. We calculate their failures and weaknesses. We label them for life, usually with a variety of soul crushing diagnosis. We bore students to tears with a repetitive, multiple choice view of the world. We never think… wow…every student in my class has a different story. When do we begin to value the individual story?

We tromp on the souls of students. Students leave school feeling unworthy. We are dealing with the most anxious generation ever, not surprisingly so.

Most of our students walk around with a feeling of unease and worry. Our kids are unsure about themselves and the world. We have created a world and an educational system that fosters apprehension. To be successful, confidence will always out perform test scores. So what are we thinking?

If we change any one thing about how we educate students we must change the way we perceive students. We must value the unique qualities each student brings to the table and nurture these unique abilities. Every child must be in the learning arena. There is much to know and so much to do. Find what will enable a student to confidently step in the arena.

Students must feel worthy in failure. We doom students with negative baggage that they carry for life. What if we celebrate students instead? Listen to this story by Sir Ken Robinson;

The key to successful students is not forcing STEM or different testing, it is the ability to honor the “Why” of a student.

We can either control students or inspire them. If we want innovative thinkers in the arena, we need to inspire them.

So instead of testing for weakness, let’s find strengths. When students leave school at the end of the day let them feel a certainty of who they are. Not every student will become a thought leader in the world, but they can become extremely competent in what their heart beats for.

Our society generates kids who worry about what other people think. They feel awkward in life. Education should instill courage in students to be sure of their own power.

We must create an atmosphere of curiosity and courage. Not courage for dangerous stunts, but courage to love the individual vibe that makes each of us feel whole.

There is no cure for a broken society. We can only recreate the portraits we send home with students. We must change our mindset.

Fixing schools, fixing education means fixing our soul. We cannot redesign people, we can only redesign how we see them. We see them as losers or winners. Teach students how to find their game and how to win with it.

This is Wednesday July, 18, 2018.

Originally published at medium.com