life is fully grace and filled with love, joy, happiness, and success. Everyone has its own way in life. It’s always a choice of ‘you’ what you want to be and what you are and what you become. you always have the desire to fulfilled.

Nothing will change until you don’t want to change. In life, everyone has its own perspective but most amazing is the truth is always with universal with ‘one’.

myths of myth are one of my all-time favorite philosophy which I totally believe in that spark. Its tells me a lot of reality vs illusion.

It is a complete aura of this principle that you can see the things with clarity. This principle explains the myth of falseness in ‘you’ that simply means what is your wrong belief of ‘you’.

Everyone faces different challenges in life. It’s all about your attitude towards life that how you accept those challenges.

In the end, nobody can pay for your failure. Design your failure in such a way that makes a way of possibilities of living fully. a poem which tells you a complete story of your own illusion.

you broke into million pieces,
which piece is yours,
you don’t know.
The world will connect you in its own fame…
but which fame is yours,
you don’t know.

‘Go with your values, ethics, principle last but not least that is the attitude towards life matters most in life. ‘

ashish rana

you are light of your own darkness.
you are the hope of your own dream
you are free of your own fear.

Be happy 🙂 Be Smile 🙂 thanks for reading this article. I am really looking forward to your reply.