People everywhere have been trying to figure out the secret formula, the definite plan that will work no matter what happens. We constantly look for a flawless approach to shed pounds without hard work and consistency. Every day more scientific information is given to us, free of cost, that supports that healthy habits and a consistent workout routine are the answer to all of our weight loss or weight gain goals. Gym memberships do not magically make you fit if you do not use them. Just as fad diets will not cure the mindset of the current instant gratification society that we live in. As a society, we fail to realize that there is no universal method to fix anything. However, there is a secret ingredient to help fix your problems for anything in life, especially for healthy lifestyle change hopefuls. If you would like to know the secret that I advise many people who come to me for fitness and nutrition advice, you should keep reading.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “You are what you eat?”? Well, have you ever heard of “You are what you think?”? Think about it. Have you ever had a day where you wake up in the morning, and it just starts terribly? Once you have that first bad experience of the day, you tell yourself this is the way your day will continue. It is the same idea behind building a healthier lifestyle. Here’s one common scenario. A personal goal is to cut back on soda and replace it with water for the next 4 days. The first three days are going great. However, you are really itching to have a soda on the last day. You tell yourself that one soda will not hurt. One soda turns into three sodas throughout the day. Despite the past three days of progress and success you made, you are focused on the one bad day you did not meet your goal. Now you have stopped trying to replace sodas with water because you do not believe you can make that healthy transition and always self-sabotage in the end. 

As fitness educators, we tend to write these types of people off. The clients who come to us for help and guidance but at the sight of one setback lose hope. Fitness educators forget that it comes down to mind over body, and it is our job to help them realize that if it’s dreamable, it is achievable. So, what is the secret to your success? Philosophy. As simple as it may sound, philosophy has significant importance in any wellness journey. You have to change the way you think about everything, no matter how small it may seem. If you do not change the way you think, there is a possibility that you will never give yourself a real solution. You will become stagnant in your goals and eventually become discouraged, ultimately leaving you back to where you started.

How can we develop our philosophy in our everyday life? Philosophy builds creation, and there are three keys to tackle it head-on:

  1. Philosophy creates your attitude. Preception is everything, and if you believe something will be bad, most likely it will be.
  2. Philosophy creates your actions. Remember that actions speak louder than words. What you do shows how you ultimately feel.
  3. Philosophy creates results. Goal setting is key in a self-transformation. However, if you believe you can not fulfill your goals, you are probably right. Negative thinking does not create results.

Fitness professionals are the first line of defense in helping clients learn how to build a positive mindset. Most times, it’s not because they do not want to. It is because they do not know how to. However, it is up to weight-loss hopefuls to allow themselves to build better mindset.

Simply put, you can focus on the actions. You can focus on what to do and how to do them. However, it’s your attitude behind them that matters the most. Your philosophy leads to what your life is. You are what you create. Once you get ahold of your mindset and why you are going through this journey to better yourself, everything else will fall into place.