Monday morning arrives and the world begins a brand new week. The sun rises and the light turns green for every working individual. The word “Monday” has become a negative word in the world today and has a sour taste when said. Posts flood social media about how much Monday’s suck and moods are often dimmer during the first day of the week.

What people don’t seem to notice is that although there are only 52 Mondays in a year, these days set the tone for every single week. A positive Monday can equal a more positive week overall and this seems to go unnoticed all too often. When observed, society seems to be in a vicious mood cycle that is crushed when Monday comes back around.

As shown in the graph, the overall attitude of humans is basically set to increase over the course of a seven day week until Sunday ruins the upward trend. The problem is, the only reason Sunday dips is because people are so focused on not wanting it to be Monday. Monday is the bad apple of the group and it truly is ruining the possibility of a better attitude.

Now, let’s imagine that we switch the mindset of hating Mondays to actually looking forward to them and making them into a positive experience. Not only is this adding 52 joyful days to each year, it is building a bridge over the Monday dip and allowing people to climb even higher during the rest of the week. Although not every day is perfect and everyone experiences downtimes, flipping the Monday attitude can revolutionize your life.

Not only does Monday make most people cringe, but a poor first day of the week can ruin a whole week. The Monday dip creates a cycle that sets us at a low point while we enter the week. Instead of resetting, start your climb today. Begin building the “Monday Bridge” and break away from the cycle that has captured most individuals.

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