I’ve been a mom for 8 1/5 years and a mompreneur for 7 of those years.

I have absolutely no regrets on the life I provided for my twins (yes, I’m a Twins Mommy), but I’ve had challenges along the way that almost made me quit my home business.

To prepare you for instant success in your career from home, aka entrepreneurship, I want to share the mindset you need and the framework that lead me to success online. Whether you are on maternity leave, your kids are in school or you want to try this as a side hustle, the steps in this framework is adaptable and moldable for your situation.

The Money Mindset You Lack

Your money beliefs are any saying about money you believe. Is it a positive outlook or negative? Common examples include:

  • More money, more problems
  • I need a job to pay rent
  • I can’t afford that!

This money mindset is a scarcity mindset and to grow your career you need to shift this to a plentiful mindset.

Ramsey Solutions surveyed 10,000 millionaires that they believed they could become millionaires. This means they were in control of how much they wanted to earn, instead of hoping or wanting to make this much.

These money beliefs started as a child for us and it can take active learning and application to change these beliefs.

The Money Mindset You Need

Turn your scarcity money beliefs into a an abundant money belief. This shows that you are in control of the money and you allow money to come to you.

As a freelance writer, when I first started I had a scarcity mindset. I thought I could never get more than what I was getting for content. It took a lot of repetition, reinforcement and changing my view about money that helped me overcome this scarcity mindset.

I started to believe the value I had with my writing and this helped me move from offering a service to a career. To get you ready for this move, check out my four step framework below.

1. Prepare for Failing and Pivoting

A hard lesson I had to learn is that online success isn’t a straight trajectory. You will face dips and highs the longer you build your business from home.

One of my earliest set backs was a webinar I did to promote my brand new product – an e-learning course to build a writing business.

I launched this webinar masterclass, and at the end, I pitched my new product and gave my audience a deal. While I did sell some (not a lot) of courses that day I also received critical judgment on my speaking and video skills.

This set me back and it was years before I tried video again. As a mompreneur, you will face criticism and fails. It’s during these tough times that will show you if you can really succeed in this business.

It’s a fact that up to 90% of businesses fail within the first year, so you have to prepare for this.

You might end up pivoting instead of giving up or leaning into failing. This is what I’m currently facing in my business after seven years. What was working in the past is no longer working now.

It is up to me to adapt with the changes and move my business that way as well.

2. Build a Strong Tribe

Many moms want to start a blog and share their household tips, recipes and baby hacks. While this is great and all, the one thing to remember is that a blog isn’t a diary; instead, it’s a place to build a community – a tribe of likeminded people.

When I started Twins Mommy, I wanted to speak to other mom bloggers with small children. I had to be specific with my audience because I knew that by “niching down” I would find “my people.”

And I did! I started getting comments on my blog posts, subscribers to my email list and later, when I started a Facebook group for mompreneurs, moms joining my group.

This was the beginnings of building a raving tribe that would be ambassadors for my brand. They would go around social media mentioning me or my products or they would link to my posts when they wrote on their own blog.

This helped me gain trust easier and as the saying goes, when you, “know, like and trust” someone, it’s easier to buy what they recommend.

3. Surround Yourself With the Successful Entrepreneurs

I made it a mission as a freelancer to connect my services with the biggest influencers in my industry. Because of that I was able to network with Neil Patel, with people behind Walmart, with Syid of Optinmonster, with Marie Heynes and more.

Recently, I was approached by Julia McCoy. She’s an ambitious content marketer and has built a million-dollar business. I was humbled that she wanted to connect with me.

When you surround yourself with other successful entrepreneurs, YOU will benefit greatly. Their success will rub off on you in different ways. You can work through issues in your business with them, you can ask certain questions about their business or just let them inspire you and so on.

4. Help Only One Person

This should be your mantra in the beginning as a mompreneur. Set you goals for writing content, creating email incentives or posting on social media that you want to help one person through a challenge.

When you focus on one, you help a 100 and then 1,000 and then 10,000 and more.

This was a revelation for me when I first started out. So the next time you write a blog post, see how that can help one person in your audience and write for them. You will be surprised how every person reading that piece of content will think – “how did she know?”

It’s Time to Be a Shift Your Mindset

Your mindset is what can propel you to growing your career every year.