As humans, we underestimate the power that fun, laughter and not taking things seriously have on us being able to live our truth. Laughter is free, yet, we spend most of our time in states of fear, worry, anxiety etc.

Those feeling are not the natural state we are meant to be in.

Most people don’t even know how to have fun anymore, or how to have a laugh!

As humans, we get caught up in our pasts or futures. Or, we focus on trying to make more money, or searching for who we are or what our purpose is. Focusing on those things makes us forget about this main ingredient that can truly help us.

We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine right? They don’t say this for nothing. Laughter instantly lightens up the energies and atmosphere in any room. It enhances moods, it changes the brain chemistries and it helps ward off diseases, but most importantly and simply, if you think about it, laughter connects us.

It connects us to each other, to self and ultimately to the God within.

Laughter knows no difference, it doesn’t discriminate, it has no borders. It encourages connection. Everyone forgets differences, problems, pain and worries in those moments of laughter.

In times of laughter, life is happening exactly how God intends it to happen, simply, freely, beautifully, and, in the moment.

And when we are laughing, guess what is usually floating around?


Love is the core of everything that we strive to be, do and experience.

Laughing expands our feeling of love which then allows us to let down our guard. And when we let down our guard, we’re then capable of being our true selves, no inhibitions, just our pure selves. And in those moments, we allow others to be their true selves and collectively, we enhance our little part of the world and help heal pains and sorrows and worries, even if just for a moment.

5 ideas to help get you laughing more.

  1. Laugh at yourself more! Stop being so caught up in your head, stop thinking so much about your future or past or having to be right! Wear weird combinations of clothing to work or skip in public. Just start playing and having fun!
  2. Think immature things, be immature, connect back with that kid you once were who who couldn’t give a flying f*#k about anything or anyone else! (Be cautious about where you choose to do this though, sometimes I have gotten a case of the giggles in the most inappropriate of places and times, like during my daughter’s parent/teacher interview, or, in a JP’s office with my brother in law, or sitting in the back of a court room, and, yes, even at a funeral!).
  3. If you catch yourself feeling all crazy and in your head with worry or stress, watch some Ellen episodes on You Tube or videos of little kids laughing, or watch a funny movie or sitcom. If you’re at work and can’t watch videos, read some funny memes or jokes ~ sometimes I literally have tears streaming down my face from reading funny memes and jokes on the internet.
  4. Prank your family and friends or colleagues ~ when I owned my own business, just to lighten things up a bit, I’d often ring the office and pretend that I was a new customer enquiring about services, it still makes me laugh now just remembering how much I annoyed my staff! I’d even do it to my kids and the rest of my family! Try it, go on I dare you!
  5. You can try and imagine what your dog or cat are thinking. Imagine their conversations. My dogs and kids are a source of endless laughter to me, they are so funny, even when they don’t try to be!

Share your ideas.

What movies make you laugh? When was the last time you had a real belly laugh? What do you for a laugh? I’d love it if you’d share in the comments below. xx

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