You’d think the first thing Twitter’s CEO would do each morning is check Twitter. But, as Jack Dorsey explained during a talk this week at the Cannes Lions advertising festival, opening up the app to check the day’s news is actually much farther down on his morning must-do’s. Instead, Dorsey focuses on his well-being first thing.

According to Recode’s piece on the talk, Dorsey’s morning routine looks like this: He starts his day meditating, does a seven-minute workout from his phone, then makes coffee. Once that’s done, he checks Twitter.

Finally, Dorsey walks five miles to Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, listening to podcasts or audiobooks or occasionally taking a phone call along the way.

“I’m really happy I make time for myself because it just clears everything away,” Dorsey said at the Cannes talk.

Dorsey’s routine shows that health and well-being have to come first, even if you’re a Silicon Valley executive running two companies (Twitter and Square). It’s an important reminder that putting yourself at the top of your to-do list is always a smart choice.

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