Hi, my name is Ken Ceder. As a health science researcher I want to share something important with you. I’d like to shine a light on a little known silent epidemic that affects millions of people worldwide and they don’t even realize it. I’d also like to shine a light on its solution. This has been a passion of mine for decades…

Since the beginning of human history people have lived, worked and played outdoors during the light of day, absorbing the full spectrum of light from the sun. Over the years, however, because of modernization and technology, millions of people have unwittingly become “contemporary cave dwellers,” living and working indoors and thereby starving themselves of the sun’s nutrients. Maybe you’re one of many who realize they don’t spend nearly as much time outside as they’d like to.

This dramatic reduction in exposure to natural light has been coined “mal-illumination” and it is silently, and negatively, affecting our health. The full spectrum of sunlight energy is essential for the development, growth, and maintenance of not only a healthy body, but it is critical for a healthy mind as well. And most of us do not get enough of it. Read on to see if you’re at risk, millions are at risk for mal-illumination and don’t even realize it.

Some of those most at risk for mal-illumination are:

– indoor workers
– shift workers
– housebound workers or parents
– the elderly
– tech/computer workers

Simply put, mal-illumination is like malnutrition; it causes deficiencies. When our daily intake of full-spectrum daylight is limited, bad things can start to happen. Mal-illumination silently contributes to many adverse health issues and some are quite serious, such as:

– weight gain
– depression
– moodiness
– carbohydrate cravings
– fatigue
– libido problems
– sleep disorders
– eating disorders
– breast cancer

It has been my mission to raise awareness of this syndrome and to find a solution that would help reduce people’s risk of mal-illumination and these conditions. I even created a non-profit organization to further this mission. I’d like to invite you to join our social venture. As an enlightened health advocate you can passively improve your health and reduce your risk of disease while simultaneously helping to enlighten humanity! Enlighten someone you love.

I’m a health science researcher focused on biologically beneficial light since 1987 and the founder and past president of Ott Light Systems in Santa Barbara, CA. Currently, I am the executive director of Science of Light, a 501 (c)3 non-profit based in Peoria, Arizona.

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Originally published at www.wellness.com