1. Steve Jobs Knew How to Write an Email. Here’s How He Did It

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Undoubtedly, Apple co-founder and visionary Steve Jobs wrote several thousands of emails throughout his life. Relatively few of them have been shared with the public, and most of those are short responses to customer complaints. But there are a few trails out there that show the skillful way Jobs used written communication. Let’s take a look at just one example and see what lessons we can glean from it.”

2. 7 Things You’re Doing That Make People Distrust You Immediately

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“You can lose someone’s trust pretty quickly. All it takes is a missed deadline, a weird facial expression, or a feeling that you just don’t “get” the person you’re talking to. Social scientists and other experts have spent a lot of time thinking and talking about all the ways to make people distrust you. We’ve listed seven of the most common below.”

3. Never Say These 6 Phrases to a Recruiter If You Want the Job

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Every interaction with a potential employer should not only be professional but it should dictate that you are purposeful and thoughtful about everything you say. Whether it’s just a quick text through Canvas or a phone call to discuss salary expectation, choose your words wisely to ensure your own success.”

4. 5 Psychology-Backed Exercises That Will Make You Feel More Confident

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“It’s hard to keep your confidence levels high. If you’re having one rough day after another, how do you keep your energy up and start every day fresh? Lucky for you, science is on your side. Try the list of exercises below you can use to “hack” your own psychology and give yourself a boost of self-confidence when you need it.”

5. Science Says 1 Minute of This Kind of Exercise May Equal 45 Minutes of Jogging

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“The short- and long-term benefits of exercise are absurdly well-documented. Exercise lowers your cholesterol, boosts your mood, decreases your stress, and increases your flexibility (plus about a zillion other good things). In an increasingly packed daily schedule, though, carving out the time to fit in a workout can be a challenge.”

6. A Neuroscientist Explains 5 Simple Things That Will Make You Exceptionally Happy

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So what’s going to make you happy? Let’s get more specific: what’s going to make your brain happy? And let’s focus on things that are simple and easy to do instead of stuff like winning the lottery.”

7. 9 Signs You’re a Lot More Likable Than You Think

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“Everyone worries from time to time. Maybe you walked into a roomful of coworkers whispering and assumed they were gossiping about you. Or maybe your friends forgot to include you on the email chain for an upcoming getaway. Our advice? Relax. You’re probably plenty well-liked.”

8. 8 Things You Should Do After 8 P.M. If You Want to Be Happy and Successful

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“We’ve heard all the stories before. The mega-successful wake up at dawn every day, conquering the world many times over, while everyone else is still fumbling around in the kitchen for a coffee filter. I’ve developed some great morning routines too, but what about the other times of day? Don’t they play equally important roles as well?”

9. 11 Books Elon Musk Thinks Everyone Should Read

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“Musk says that reading books — from epic works of fantasy like the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy to complex how-to books on building rockets — is crucial to helping him achieve success.”

10. Your Company Might Be Toxic If You Experience These 6 Things Daily

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“Ever feel like you’re walking on egg shells at work? Your opinions don’t matter, you’re afraid of making mistakes, and the culture is one of fear and intimidation.”


  • Alexandra Hayes

    Content Director, Product & Brand, at Thrive

    Alexandra Hayes is a Content Director, Product & Brand, at Thrive. Prior to joining Thrive, she was a middle school reading teacher in Canarsie, Brooklyn.