Do you dream of starting a business one day? While it’s exciting, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. For instance, lack of motivation and time to see your projects through. Besides, you might not even have the best idea in mind. In any case, many people fear the costs that they’ll have to incur in starting a business.

Luckily, today there are grants, loans and other different fundraising options such as crowdfunding. All these will get you the resources you need to start your business. Beyond that, you’ll find other enterprises that you can start without spending too much cash.

Of course, to start a business, you need proper planning, a valid business license, a suitable domain name, the right equipment and most importantly, the best selling products or services.

So, what type of business can you start without having to spend too much? Take a look below:

Some Personal Creations

Do you love arts and crafts? For those painters out there, you can sell you pieces of art using little to no investment. You could try out platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy and you could quickly profit from your unique gifts.

In-Home Services!

The beauty of selling services is that they are free, intangible goods. So, if you’re working in a neighborhood or business, you’ll not need to create an office for your business. For instance, you could start a pet-walking or babysitting service. You could also try something such as snow-plowing or landscaping.

Skilled Based or Repair Services

Make use of your skills to generate revenue for your company. Today, there are a lot of handymen who help homeowners in different home repairs. Some of these include plumbers, carpenters, and also gardeners.

As you can see, they are just like home services because you’ll not need to establish a premise for your business. However, you should invest in the tools and equipment that you’ll need for your job. Of course, they have different costs so you should take time before choosing the right ones.

You Could Try Re-Selling Different Goods

Resale is pretty simple. After acquiring some products, you can sell them to others. Here, you can make use of wholesaling and drop shipping to get these goods. If you choose drop shipping, you’ll get your products from the manufacturers directly, but you’ll get low profits. However, on the bright side, you’ll not need a lot of cash. When it comes to wholesale, you’ll require more space and money up-front, but you’ll end up making a lot of profits.


As a worker, you’ll probably want to start your own business after many years of experience. You should think about the business or industry that you’re in plus what you’ve learned all that time. Eventually, promising start-ups or professional business owners will choose to work with you because of your expertise


This term means starting a business through shared-economy opportunities. For instance, driving for a company like Uber, or renting your living space through Airbnb. In any case, you should look for those services that allow you to use that which you already have.

After you get it up and running and you start earning enough revenue, you’ll have an easy time looking to start-up capital. You can even reinvest in your profits by choosing to start a more extensive business.

Simple Hotel Business

It doesn’t matter how poor you may be; food is still the first basic need before shelter or clothing. By doing it right, you’ll easily cross the line of poverty. However, if you’re still having doubts about this, you can always check any of the successful restaurants in the country and learn how they grew into huge brands. You’ll learn that most of them got to where they are by just starting small and concentrating on the dishes that they were good at.

Therefore, if you want to open a hotel one day, know what you’re good at cooking. For instance, you could be an expert when it comes to oriental dishes. Having established this, open a suitable shelter and start serving your customers. With time, you’ll have saved up enough to expand your cooking services.

A Tailoring or Fashion Service

Across the entire world, the fashion industry continues to amaze and impress a lot of people. Celebrities, politicians and other public figures are some of the people who benefit significantly from this sector. They know that various occasions call for particular kinds of outfits to look presentable. So, you can take advantage of this and go on to enjoy impressive profits.


Hopefully, you now know that you don’t need a large sum of cash to start a successful business. Besides, you can create one with close to nothing. You only need to know the type of business that suits your skills, and you’ll be good to go!