“This course is going to be EPIC!”, I told myself when I was creating a money saving course for moms. With an increased cost of living and the amount of debt rising within families, any mom would love to save money for their family’s future. I started designing the course when I was attending a conference in Montreal, Canada in April of 2018. 

It took me months to have all the details nailed down. I wanted to have every detail covered and basically wanted it to be the best course in teaching moms the methods for saving money with consistency and predictability every month.

“In 2019, an average Californian family owes $334,925 of mortgage debt surpassing any other state in the country.”

Source: https://www.debt.org/faqs/americans-in-debt/

Finally I was ready to launch my money savings course to my audience. I started to speak to moms from all around the world. I was excited! Not only that I have the opportunity to help families have a better future, I will also be able to make some money for my coaching business.

After weeks of speaking to moms, guess how many people bought my course? Saving money is important and so there must be lots of people who would want to buy my course.

Actually….. ZERO people bought my course. I can’t believe it! I knew that saving money was something important and my niche wanted but why was there no conversion? I was frustrated, disappointed, embarrassed and my confidence had a huge knock down.

The Turning Point

When I listened to the feedback during my conversations with my niche, I discovered that there were two critical things that stopped them from investing in my course. I’ll share one of them here. 

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When I was asked, “How long is the course?” and I said “10 weeks”. There was a pause before they answer, “Errmmmm… 10 weeks?” and followed by a sigh. In my reflection, I have discovered that when your finances are out of control, you don’t have 10 weeks to sort out your finances. You wanted to sort out your finances, like yesterday!

I learned that the 10 weeks time frame is too long and they wanted something shorter and fast to solve their problems. So I tweaked the timeframe for my course from 10 weeks to just 7 days. I said that I can help teach them the money savings techniques to save money with consistency and predictability every month within 7 days. It’s bold, big and completely outrageous. 

“My bold and outrageous offer paid off!”

Dr Izdihar Jamil, #1 International Bestselling Author and Business Coach

Along with the other critical feedback that I received and tweaking that, when I re-branded the course along with the tweaks of 7 days, it was an instant YES!

I made multiple sales from the course and I was really thankful. Being bold and outrageous worked big time and most importantly I was able to get them the results that they wanted, yeay!!!

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The Biggest Secret

Have you heard of the saying “Follow your passion and the money will follow!’ or “Do what you love and you’ll never work in your life again!”. Well, all that is lovely and inspiring. Though if it were that easy everybody would be rich by now.

What that saying is missing is this….

Use your passion and skills that fits EXACTLY what the market wants and needs.

“Making money is all about the market. You can only sell what the market wants.”

Extracted from the #1 International Bestselling Book, “13 Key Strategies To Make Money Fast In Business” by Dr Izdihar Jamil.

For example, I offered moms proven methods to consistently increase their savings within 10 weeks but it isn’t EXACTLY what they’re wanting. They’re wanting to learn the methods the fastest way possible so that they can take control of their finances immediately.

So when you find that perfect fit- matching your skills and passions EXACTLY with what the market wants then you’ve found a solid money making formula for your business. 

Let’s take a moment to pause on those lessons. 

Reality is people don’t care about you (yes I know it’s harsh darling!). They care about themselves. It stresses them out when they have problems. So when you can offer solutions that’s a perfect fit for their problems, that’s what will move them to invest in your products or services. Why? Because you’re offering them transformation and the brightness of the future. You’re offering a relief to their burden.

So take a moment to reflect on what your niche really wants and tweak your offer to fit their needs exactly. Yes darlings, the key word here is an EXACT match and not something that is a maybe, or almost. The puzzle has to fit perfectly together.

“Match your skills and passion with EXACTLY what the market wants and you’ll find a money making formula for your business!”

Dr Izdihar Jamil, Business Coach and Entrepreneur (Insta: @izdiharjamil)

Key Lessons

Knowing what I now know, here are my top four lessons that you can implement in your business to help you find that profitable money making formula:

  1. Think about what your audience wants. Then frame your offer around their desire and needs from your skill set.
  2. When you get a rejection, just take it as an opportunity for you to make the necessary corrections so that you can have better results. 
  3. Constantly listen to your market as they’ll give you the biggest “clues” on how to create a winning money making formula for your business.
  4. Be bold and outrageous with your offer and it’ll pay off when you’ve got a winning formula.

I would love to hear your feedback, results and stories from the idea that I share. What you found worked and what did. Just drop the comments below and remember to like the article.