If you’re looking for the perfect product line to help give you that extra boost, that much needed post-workout recovery, or the tasty snack to keep you going all day long, look no further than Crownhealth and their exciting line of products specifically designed for endurance sports. If you’ve never heard of Crownhealth, you should certainly know that they’re a provider of clean sports nutrition products, healthy food solutions, and plant-based nutraceuticals specifically designed to bring people closer to nature.

Now, let’s take a look at some of their must have products!

Energy Mind

Energy Mind is an energy gel specifically designed to provide users with a massive energy boost. Perfect for those high-performance endurance sports, Energy Mind helps you regain your strength, stamina, coordination, and most importantly, that elevated level of focus that helps to keep you going and digging deeper. The entirely plant-based formula contains a unique focus nootropic action derived from the innovative tomato extract, NOOMATO. In addition, the formula is completely isotonic, which allows for quick digestibility, a reduced risk for dehydration, and virtually zero muscle fatigue. This product is caffeine free, vegan friendly, and gluten free!

Restore Powder

Crownhealth’s Restore Powder Bar is everything that you could ever ask for in a post-workout recovery snack, and more! This recovery mix provides you with the proper nutrients and revitalizing qualities designed to help you achieve the gains that you’re looking for after putting in a tough workout. Based around the cucumber benefit, this recovery mixoffers an entirely healthy and plant-based option, a signature for Crownhealth. Ideal as a post-workout shake with water, you can also enjoy the Restore Powder all day long in many healthy protein recipes. This product is vegan friendly and gluten free and contains no soy or added sugars.


After a hard fought battle with an endurance workout or if you’ve just finished a lengthy competition, you’re definitely feeling it. For those instances, Crownhealth’s Force capsules are the perfect solution. Designed to treat and revitalize your muscles, joints, and tendons, this high-quality supplement packs a punch with anti-inflammatory and soothing qualities. Ensure that you’re ready for your next round with Force. This product is entirely plant-based, vegan friendly, and gluten free and does not contain soy or lactose.  And it even contains a secret ingredient – cucumber extract, also known as ACTIDO. Who would have thought that nature’s magic would come in the form of a green vegetable? ACTIDO is exactly what allows you to reap the benefits of this powerful soothing supplement.

Crownhealth’s Philosophy? Take A Look To See What They Say About Their Products

Let’s face it, fitness is difficult, increasing your performance can be quite a struggle, and digging deeper to go that extra mile can sometimes feel impossible. But when you’re feeding your body the right fuel, the right proteins, and the right nutrients, anything is possible.”

“At Crownhealth, our products bring together science-backed recipes, the finest natural ingredients that the world has to offer, and a unique concept of sports nutrition specifically designed for those who practice endurance sports.”

Take a look at Crownhealth’s products today – you won’t be disappointed.