Hey Savvy Hotties!

Remember that Dr. Kempner we were talking about?

Yep, the one who discovered the amazing medical power of plant-based diets high in fruit and rice.

Well, that “rice diet” was intended to treat kidney disease, so Dr. Kempner modified it to see if it couldn’t be a weight loss solution too.

(Hint: it can!)

He created a lower-calorie version of the same diet, cutting the added sugar from the original plan, which had been intended to prevent patients from losing too much weight.

He published the breakdown for 106 participants who lost 100 pounds or more. The average weight loss was 140 pounds. One patient even lost nearly 300 pounds in one year. And these were morbidly obese people participating, who didn’t have to undergo surgery, hospitalization or any other intervention as we might expect. Wild, right?

I know our perception today suggests otherwise (in large part thanks to media and pharmaceutical marketing), but these results imply that serious obesity can be addressed naturally. That’s huge.

A word of caution: Dr. Kempner’s rice diet was intense. Not to be attempted at home or without a medical practitioner’s guidance and supervision. Seriously, that warning comes from the man himself.

What we can do at home is to follow the idea of the diet: low sodium, low-cholesterol, free of animal products and high in plant foods.

The American Medical Association made obesity an official disease in 2013, declaring that it required the same medical attention as other diseases. But conventional treatments for obesity have been woefully unsuccessful. Therapy, surgery and dangerous anti-obesity drugs just don’t work. Even the AMA stated that pharmaceutical and surgical treatments were failing patients.

Simple (fairly drastic) dietary adjustments and a strong personal commitment to one’s health and well-being, on the other hand? Proven time and again.

You don’t have to have a serious medical condition to benefit from some dietary changes. Explore plant-based living today with my book Everything You Want To Know About Being Healthy, Sexy and Vegan.



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