Ah, the Entrepreneur. Those who dare choose this treacherous lifestyle will be met with a litany of peaks, valleys, and totally unforeseen circumstances (hello global pandemic).

And while it’s a life path that is known to be stressful and challenging, it’s also meant to be satisfying and fulfilling, with you as the entrepreneur in control of your own destiny.

Chances are you are no stranger to the gamut of entrepreneurial idolizing going on these days…

You’ve probably seen Tai Lopez, the self-help guru streaming from his multi-million dollar mansion. Or Gary Vanyerchuck the hard-talking entrepreneur renowned for his rants, advice, and energy…and many more like them invading your Facebook or Instagram feed…

In reality, for most “entrepreneurs” it doesn’t always work out the way you might envision in your dreams. And even if the business does become wildly successful, the entrepreneur can often be left feeling lonely or unfulfilled.

Colorado-based entrepreneurs Hollis Carter and Michael Lovitch know this all too well…

They are Co-Founders of The Baby Bathwater Institute (yes, that’s the real name), an entrepreneurial community you may not have heard of, but won’t soon forget.

“Now more than ever it is invaluable to surround yourself with people that can understand, support, and guide you through the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey,” Carter explains.

And for the entrepreneur looking for support, there is a seemingly endless amount of opportunities, events, and groups…and they come in more flavors than a bucket full of fruit.

“Our community isn’t for everyone, but for the people it is for…it’s a home run. That’s why we get to know everyone on a personal level first so we can ensure it’s a mutually good fit.”

According to their website, The Baby Bathwater Institute is an entrepreneurial support system ofEvents, Resources, & Community where you receive tangible business value and your relationships deepen.

They host events all over the world, from the mountains of Utah to a private Island in Croatia, and they provide resources to their core membership community throughout the year to help entrepreneurs grow their companies, their wealth, and their self.

And while gallivanting on a private Island certainly does sound nice, Hollis explains that the community is much deeper than good times and events. And 2020 has been a testament to that.

After bringing together 200 of the best & brightest folks they know into Baby Bathwater’s annual membership, they went into the year with high hopes, and even higher expectations for the strength of their community.

Then came the virus…

Since March, Baby Bathwater has been forced to cancel two of their four major events planned for 2020…

But as a company initially built upon gathering humans together in real life, their community has stepped up in a major way to support one another in lieu of the cancellations.

Since March, they have hosted 13 virtual content sessions (on everything from “E-commerce Strategies” to “Breaking down the COVID relief Package”), 7 livestream shows, 2 book club discussions, 1 virtual stand-up set, hundreds of phone calls, thousands of messages, countless conversations…all providing the no-strings-attached support needed to survive and thrive this season of uncertain times.

“Now is the time to double down on each other.” Lovitch explains. “This isn’t the first season of deep uncertainty and it certainly won’t be the last. And any real entrepreneur knows there is no secret system and nothing happens overnight. Because success is a journey and not a destination.”

What has become ironically clear is that it is during this period of “social distancing” that we need community more than ever. Where do you find the support you need?


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