Chaos… is a part of natural order. There is a rhythm to all things in life; an ebb and flow. This movement is the churning that initiates, invites and catalyzes. Birth and death, which occur many times — and on many levels — within a single human journey, play a significant role in allowing for growth and evolution.

Chaos plays an even important role in that unfolding organic nature of life. Although the human ego wants to judge or fear it as bad, it is simply part of a birthing process where the chaff is torn away. At times, it can even level everything, creating new ground upon which to build. Chaos is inviting us to live beyond our conditioning and rise into our natural selves — you my even call it ‘unique genius’. I call it the Rebel Humanitarian.

The time is coming… and in many ways it is already here. It is a New dawn. This moment of awakening is not to another dimension or place, but to a new manner of being. It is a space that has rumbled through those we call heroes and heroines — masters and legends. And we are about to see what we have not seen before. Rather than a few individuals here and there over many years, we are witnessing a collective expression in the making. Its outward expression is unlike anything that is the human condition.

What must occur for The New Dawn to rise? We become. We must become…

  • Humanitarians… embracing the full expanse of our humanity.
  • Spiritual Rebels — embarking on the inherent divine genius that makes us each unique.
  • Love Catalysts — expressing the full scope of our creative capacity through heart, voice and vulnerability.
  • Examples — experiencing ourselves as equal to all beings from the polarity of our frailty to our power.

These 5 embodiments will individually and collectively bring forth a New dawn, magnetizing us to our fractals. The riches of the unknown lay within the footprint of people willing to define their lives and livelihoods in an innovative courageous manner, subsequently initiating the flowering of consciousness in richer and deeper ways. Our evolution is dependent upon our involution which is the grounding for our true place of power…

The Rebel Humanitarian series will share guiding steps of Love, Courage and Commitment as a the path of embodiment for leaping into the unknown as we cocreate a New Dawn. Don’t rebel; Discover how to be a Rebel Humanitarian!

Enjoy 30 Days of Awakening as a gift to enhance your embodiment:

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