Alice Veglio, Middle east entrepreneur is setting new innovation standards in the wellness industry worldwide

In the hectic everyday life, more and more women feel the need to access the world of fitness and health with the immediacy and speed of a click on their smartphone. It is precisely from this need that Alice Veglio, an international model, influencer, and personal trainer with Coni certification started her business. Graduated in Holistic Sciences at the Leonardo Da Vinci University of Rome in 2017, in her curriculum, Alice boasts work apprenticeships at the Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence first as a project assistant and then as a journalist for The Sustainabilist magazine and as a junior project manager in 2018 at the Wgeo Delle United Nations. In 2016 Alice was also selected among the 100 best students worldwide to participate in the Zero Hackathon, the first competition of ideas and entrepreneurship for young talents that was held at the FAO in Rome. In 2019 Alice Veglio also reached 2nd place at Miss Multiverse World Finals in Punta Cana: the first beauty, intelligence, fitness, and entrepreneurship competition in the world for 21st-century women.

Graduated in economics and business management, she is one of the few Italian personal trainers to be a certified student of the American College of Sports Medicine, the largest institution in the world for sports medicine operators and an international reference point for all professionals in the sector. In January 2019 Alice takes advantage of her double university education to carry out an innovative project on the market: one of the first online fitness programs entirely in Italian to promote health and empowerment throughout the female world. “I wanted to bring a new digital fitness concept. What separated women from achieving their physical and health goals was time. My program really offers the comfort and simplicity of being able to always have your personal trainer with you without the need to travel. Thus was born the fitness portal which is less than a year has reached over 10.000 female members who are active regularly. Alice’ s company “WANDERLUST FZE” is based in the UAE, where she is well-known as a model, influencer, and trainer and has successfully reached in a few months revenues over 6 figures from her online business.

In addition to this Alice innovates the way of teaching fitness on YouTube with live masterclasses that promote topics related to the health and personal growth of women and their fulfillment. The channel has reached 32.000 subscribers in a few months and is regularly followed by thousands of people with videos reaching over 200k views. “I like to call it holistic fitness: a new vision of wellness that puts the mental well-being and health of each person first. I am fighting to share true information in an era when between all this aggressive marketing, false information, and technicalities it seems impossible to discover the way to true inner well-being “. Alice shares her mission daily also on Instagram where she counts over 150 thousand followers. At the moment she is dedicated to sharing content on social networks together with a team of 10 people to further expand her online fitness platform which represents an absolute novelty in the market of Italy and the UAE and represents a great innovation in the fitness industry. Bright and Fit has also released the official app on the Google and Apple stores, the first 100% Italian fitness app. “It was designed to make a healthy lifestyle more accessible with all the information just one click away. I want to make it easier for all women to stay fit by utilizing the best-certified protocols and the infinite potential of the digital world “.

Alice is spreading her influence worldwide and in all ME sharing the highest level of innovation in fitness and wellness field and her approach made by the mix of motivation, the right information and her focus on women empowered has really made Bright & Fit one of the most successful startups in the Middle East this year.