This new wisdom is flying through your senses like an ancient god of wonder.

It is a power that propels you to the point.  And you need to be sharp to get it, because it really hates waiting in line for the next receiver of knowing.

But you can’t really be sure of the original philosophical question that set this race into motion in the first place.  And that happens sometimes as we all think about the journey and lose sight of the jolt.

And we are all on point, in one way or another, because as we know, in this multi-directional and multi-dimensional spike ball of a universe, reality points everywhere.

That’s the trick about truth.

It’s a factory of myth-making and risk-taking, grinding out manifestations of the inner-electric-chemical reactions that keep firing away inside our brains.

The human mind broadcasts out what’s deep, deep inside us, and we create the reality, and watch the movie, as the lights of truth flicker in a digital disco, from a collective blueprint written on wind and water.

We think that is has some form of permanence and radiates a kind of spiritual gravity that is unshakable, unmistakable, and for-heavens-sake-able, but we are wrong.

Yes, we keep measuring everything that our consciousness can count, and we find out that quantum is the new normal and the universe keeps adjusting itself, jelly-fishing and shape-shifting across a never-ending void and energetic expanse, on a constant journey of re-invention.

Think and then re-think about that.

The great IT (life as we know it) is always re-imagining itself, trying different realities on for size and prize, and never really satisfied with the fashion trends that don’t seem to figure.

It has no destination. It is infinite and intimate all at the same paradoxical time.  It’s a punch bowl, punching bag and punch card of truth.

How can there be any foundation of fact, when it is a playful and fully-functioning fantasy that keeps forming and reforming to our perceptional specifications of meaning, usefulness and decoded dissection?

We constantly evaluate it, and it adjusts to our expectation. That’s the deep dive of it all.

It is simple and soulful as that.

So, what’s the next, next step?

Maybe, we are the new ancients. In the eyes and minds of those looking back, who will judge us, that is only natural, but may also be perplexed by our collective delusion about destination and destiny.

Our mission? We can only take a few precious moments in a sea of never-ending time, and then simply move on. That is what we were designed to do, and that is what we are here for.

To move in the groove of God.

To journey, inward and outward, until we discover that there is no discovery to be had. That was never really in the intention that invited us in the door.

We are meant to wander and wonder.

There is no point to be plucked and once we get that, the greatest point of all will be upon us.

WE are the point.

That’s it. Our being here, our existence, and our gut-wrenching yearning for the truth, is the truth. And what can be more poetic and purpose-full than that.

DO NOT waste any more time than you need to, even though time is of limitless supply, at least to the point that it matters in this matter-less universe of non-existent energy, imagined insight and out of body experiences

It knows the truth and tries hard not to give away too much, but it does drop us hints every now and Zen, in the form of co-incidences, dream drops and sudden satori moments, as powerful and fleeting as any flash of true genius.

So here we are again, back where we began, on this flight of philosophy.

And that was a pretty wild ride, if you ask me. But it reality, I am asking you.

(Feel better, now?)


  • Paul is: a writer, past academic dean, national affairs advisor, conference founder and public broadcasting advocate.