Paula Tooths - The New Normal

Oppression, coercion, fascism, tyranny, persecution and maltreatment. These are just a few handful of words that come to mind on a daily basis during these unsettling times we are living through. It wasn’t many years back when you would see or hear of such injustices from lands afar but today the world seems a much smaller place and with many of the same issues affecting people from every corner of the planet. 

We look at ourselves first and foremost and critique our lives, have we ever been like this? Did we think this way or treat people this way? For many it’s a privilege that we’ve been able to live in such oblivious lives but when we see such dreadful deeds and misuse of power on every single level, it’s not difficult to feel disheartened and fearful of our future planet and our future generations. 

The world is changing in front of our very eyes, the quiet days of watching the news once a day to see what’s happening are long gone and the world is at a critical stage of evolution. It won’t be a traditional war that changes the world this time but one that’s fought between friends, one that’s fought between family but with love and understanding we can find a better place and create a better world going forward. 

There isn’t a section of modern life that isn’t in some kind of rebuttal with the status quo we have been doctored to adopt for many a year. As times change and people see and understand more and begin to form their own opinions based on what their hearts tell them. Being forced to accept the way things are purely because of how they’ve always been is no longer tolerable and we are beginning to make noise.

There will be many who expect or want things to remain the same, and we must try to understand these people because this doesn’t make them bad people, change is frightening but if we stand together and with compassion and vigor then change will happen, change must happen and change needs to happen if we are to ever find peace again. One small step today and two tomorrow maybe one step back the next but let’s keep going, this isn’t a race and it will take time, but we can’t stop now.

I don’t know the answers to everything, I don’t know how it feels to be subjected on due to the way I speak or look but I see people that do and I have to be guided by my heart and what my gut tells me is right from what is wrong and this time, this very moment in life I along with everybody else on this planet has a duty to speak out. Speak peacefully but speak with compassion and let’s change the world for the better. 

This won’t happen overnight, and it will take a long long time but as with everything nothing worth having comes easily. Keep your heads held high and look to your heart for the answers, one day today, one day tomorrow and so on and so forth but eventually that one day will become the day and that day will be the day we changed the world forever. One of my favorite quotes from Kierkegaard said it best when he said, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards”.