My mom is a power-mom. She works hard and is amazing at her job. She has 3 kids spanning 10 years in age difference. She made it to every single one of my performances, games, medical appointments, ceremonies, and was also somehow always home for family dinner at 6.

So here’s my question: Doesn’t a woman who accomplishes more than anyone should be able to in a day deserve to be comfortable?

My mom always kept her “work” shoes, “walking” shoes, and “driving” shoes in her car. What was the difference you ask? Well, walking shoes were very distressed (to say the least) sneakers. Driving shoes were a comfortable flat. Work shoes were the pièce de résistance: the high heels.

My mom is one stylish woman, but why did she need so many pairs of shoes, each serving a different purpose?

Why can’t a “work” shoe just be a shoe? My style motto is comfort is key. Now, living in NYC, I couldn’t imagine putting my feet through the medieval torture of a high heel to wear to work.

So, ladies and gentlemen, next time you consider a new shoe purchase, don’t ask yourself, “are these fancy enough for work?” Instead, ask yourself, “how do I feel in these shoes? Do they make me feel confident? Can I walk more than 1 block in them comfortably? Will I wear them more than twice?” Because, let’s be honest, style is personal. If you can walk comfortably in a pair of 4-inch heels all day, bless your heart and power to you! But for the rest of us, let’s stop playing this “work” shoe / “walking” shoe game, and let’s just be comfortable in what we’re wearing!

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