One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
– Henry Miller

Traveling is a passion. It is the way through which you can break the rule of everyday life. Just forget your routine and break the habit. A simple travel plan will never cross your comfort zone. The total scenario varies with the way of traveling you are choosing.

If you are looking for something different from the luxury travel plan then you are in right place. Booking with a travel agent or, then everything is planned, No…Not like that. Just travel like a local.

Unlike other usual travelers, be extremely local to go to a new destination for spending a few days with your sweetheart. Well, you must not have an expensive holiday package to stay at a gorgeous resort in Berlin or London.

Instead, you have an interesting bohemian style tourism to complete vacation at a much cost-effective price. Therefore, make a new plan to feel free when you have to go to a new exotic place on vacation.

Informal Vacation Plans | New Places | Travel Like a Local

Ordinary people don’t need promotion or exposure. The simple lifestyle is very attractive. So, you should choose such local boutiques/guest houses to pass the entire night with your bosom friend.

Local folks eat cheap but tasty food which must not be very spicy. They are regular to visit the street kiosks and small cafeteria to hobnob with dear friends. Emulate their lifestyle. You don’t need to book a sophisticated hotel room with a glossy miniature bar.

You have desires to opt for a ranch house which has a cluster of rooms to share with others. A small guest house is preferable. Even you can be a good paying guest to reside with the house owner. It must be cheaper for you.

Exploration, adventure, and fun are parts of vacation tour. From the beginning, you must proceed step by step.

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  • Step 1. If it is a remote back-country located in the hilly region, you must travel by a local train. Seat reservation is not needed. Go straight to the railway station to buy tickets to travel by train. Regular train passengers are talkative and funny. They stand on the floor of the train compartment to share the space. It is a nice trip for a local passenger. Communicate with them in regional dialect. Have you had such a wonderful train journey ever before?
  • Step 2. After reaching your destination, check your belongings. Try a local taxi to visit the guest house/boutique/ranch cottage house. There will be others who have come from different regions. It is wonderful to a person who likes to spend the vacation like a local guy.
  • Step 3. Spicy fast food is costly. Well, have a regional culinary taste. Request your attendants to serve tasty dishes which are hygienic with local flavor to remove stress. Testing local food is the best way to get involved in different cultures.
  • Step 4. With the advent of the evening, you must have an eagerness to have cups of coffee or any beverage product. The local bars or restaurants invite local visitors with bottles of country liquor. Why do you detach yourself from them? Book a seat and place orders for hot snacks with goblets of liquor. Or be modest and ask the staff members to give you a mug of hot tea/coffee plus lightweight sandwiches.

Your trip to the city must not be classic but very local to uplift the mood.

Attend entertainment events which take place in the town. Rustic lifestyle must be natural and dynamic. You don’t need to book tickets online. Instead of simply check the list of events and then collect the passes or tickets to watch the brilliant local events.

Explore the Beauty as a native

Only vision cannot grab the whole taste. If you want to cherish the complete beauty of nature, you have to feel it.

A luxury-traveler can’t smell the smoke. So what to do?

Be a native and follow the native paths and tracks to explore the romanticism of nature. yes, choose the river bank or the hilly way or village path instead of the smooth high road.

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Have you ever imagine a ride on a bullock cart in native villages in India or a tuk-tuk in Lisbon city life. That will be the real taste and the rawest way to enjoy your traveling.

Now you are ready for a native tour. But the question is how can you explore the places without a professional tourist guide?

Technology will help you at this stage. There are many Augmented Reality apps for traveling which can help you to find your destination. Choose the perfect app and be ready with your backpack.

Some popular AR traveling apps are:

  • Wikitude
  • Google Search App
  • Metro AR Pro
  • BuUuk
  • Lonely Planet Compass City Guides

I am not showing you the well known basic travel apps. These apps are based on Augmented Reality, which will enhance the entertainment quotient when you travel like a local.

So, it is your expertise on how fast you are able to select the right one. Truly speaking, you must navigate online. For instance, many free tourism sites have the tons of information, brochures, and articles for customers to go through.

It is a road-map to make you comfy to locate the destinations which are easily accessible to you.

Being Local is a Fun | Believe me

One of the factors to make a short/long trip is the geographical location.

If it is a fashionable metro city with numerous attractive hubs for paying visits, tourists must lay aside sufficient amount for bearing expenditure.

Five-star hotel rooms are air-conditioned with top amenities for attracting customers. However, these rooms are not cheaper for people.

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Besides, you need qualitative food and well-equipped vehicles for undergoing city navigation. Instead of selecting sumptuous hotels, you have a list of awe-inspiring and cost efficient lodging items.

Just a few clicks on specific sites must open new portals to display updates about the availability of affordable food/lodging packages.

You will be given full support to enjoy the vacation. In return, customers have to maintain a few important guidelines to have the best accommodation at cheap prices.

Well, don’t be so orthodox and conventional. Local culinary is one of the best things to tempt young hearts.

Instead of dreaming to go abroad on next vacation, please look back to your home state. You will be overwhelmed to see the romantic hotspots, superb marketplaces, and natural beauty as well.

It is undoubtedly a great thing to a young heart to spend a few days in the midst of a cool and natural ambiance to renew the injured heart.

Another excellent thing is to welcome local people to your guest house. Share a few moments with them. It is a great way to mix with the local citizens. The evening will be more attractive when you make fun with a group of decent local guys.

Besides, you can go on a boat trip to grow intimacy with nature. A boat trip is very adventurous. Many local fishermen are seen steering their small boats to hunt fish. Their activities are remarkable and it will inspire you to explore.

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Watersports, boat riding, and other marvelous activities must be awesome. Your economic tour package should include such unforgettable events to have the aroma of adventure in the long run.

The Last Word: Don’t be so choosy

So, you are almost ready to fly. Before your commencing, I will tell you the last word. Positive mind set-up is very much essential for this category of travel.

Never try to find the perfect choice in the case of lodging, food or transport. Remember that you pick the choice which is out of your comfort zone.

If you are used to with your evening coffee and snacks, don’t expect that a cup of hot coffee will wait for you in your travel schedule. Try to be familiar with the local drink and enjoy the local culture.

Every native culture has its own essence. Instead of being a choosy one, just go and enjoy the full juice of travel like local.

Simple Tips to travel like a local

Thumb rules for traveling like local

  • Make a local friend. He will be the best guide in your tour schedule. With a local friend, you will not travel like a local, you will live like a local.
  • Communicate with everyone. As much you communicate, you will gather more knowledge of that place.
  • Choose the Offseason. Try to avoid the picking season as in the rush of people you can’t explore the beauty properly.
  • Respect for the local culture. When you will respect others, you will get the same.
  • Never forget to carry essentials. Never forget to carry local currency, specific medicines, toilet paper tablet, passport etc.
  • Don’t be too foolish. Never act as so dull that other can outsmart you!
  • Overcome atychiphobia. Your last experience may not be successful. But forget your fear of failure. Enjoy the world alone.

You must have bundles of innovative ideas, demos, and effective plans for how to save money by choosing the best tourism pack to enjoy the trip to the new destinations.

To be frank, every year, over a million visitors are found traveling to reach wonderful tourist spots with their family members. So, they must not be reckless to spend bunches of currencies to buy sophisticated and costly products. They should be economical to manage expenses properly.

Well, online consultants on leisure and tourism can give you a few dynamic tips on how to tailor the cost-effective budget which must be flexible. The online virtual tourism schools with free guide entice people for having brush-up training, tips, suggestions, and solutions to start exploring like a local folk.

So, from next trip, be local….choose local….and travel like a local.

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