Paula Tooths USA

We’ve all been through trying times as of late, and as fast as 2020 started its now closing its doors in what seems the blink of an eye. Sadly 2020 will take many casualties with it and leave many scars. The year will have significant repercussions for many people and places and for a long time yet. Some people will have been left devastated by the events of 2020 and we as mankind may be picking up the pieces for a long time yet. 

During these unprecedented times we have had to make changes to the way we live, the way we work and rightly so even the way some view those with what some consider low skilled jobs. Our approach to work has changed and a great number now doing their jobs from home. Our living standards have changed, what was once a mundane item in the home soon became a hot commodity. 

The environment has at least benefited from the chaos that has run rampant through the world in 2020. With many airline companies closing down and those that still run having to slow down the skies have had a chance to clear. The cars on the road during lockdown have not had their engines running and the same can be said with a lot of public transport. Though we can take some comfort in this news nothing will really be a substitute for the lives lost and suffering 2020 has caused. 

As we enter into 2021 can we expect big changes about how we live, will things return to how they once were? Will our freedoms be restored or are they conditional on how we represent our health? Will we be given choices on how we approach the changes or will there be restrictions imposed on those who have different opinions. Are we entering into a new calmer world still shellshocked from the disasters of 2020 or are we entering into a more divided and angrier world? Maybe even more so than before. Has the anger and division calmed or was it just left to simmer before erupting at a fiercer level then the ones just past.

None of us can predict what’s coming, good or bad but it will come, and we will all have to make the best of it. It would be offensive to suggest how we approach what may come but I would urge at the very least we don’t lose sight of our heart, let the heart guide us to a better place and most of all try to be kinder to one another. If we can take those small steps maybe there will be some light at the end of the tunnel. Listen from within and not from what others promote or try to suggest, form your own opinions and most of all take time to breathe.