The past year I’ve been writing a book. I write a lot of blog posts, but this is my first book, so at times I’ve felt incredibly motivated and excited, and at other times a bit lost.

Am I taking the book in the right direction? What will I call it? How do I want to publish it? Should I be focusing my attentions on something more concrete and immediate? Am I even making any progress?

Questioning or doubting always left me feeling frustrated. Why don’t I just have all the answers? Well, I finally figured it out.

Any time I got quiet and listened for an answer, one showed up.

Writing a book is a long haul with plenty of unknowns. Sounds like life, doesn’t it? And life during a global pandemic? Even more is unknown.

When I try to force and answer, it never comes. Or my ego makes one up, and that’s likely to change its mind a few times.

When I get quiet and ask for an answer from my higher source, a simple answer appears. The tricky part is trusting it.

The answer is always simple.

The answer is always simple, and I suppose that’s why it’s hard for my human mind to accept it.

“Where should I be focusing my efforts?”
“Double down on writing your book.”
“But I’ll have less time to work with my private clients.”
“Double down on writing your book.”
“What if no one buys it?”
“Double down on writing your book.”

3 days later…

“Where should I be focusing my efforts?”
“Double down on writing your book.”

It’s hard to accept a simple answer, because the human mind wants to complicate things. It loves drama and convoluted scenarios. Bigger is better, right? It’s the human mind, not wisdom, that loves to make problems feel big or thinks answers have to be hard.

The next step will always reveal itself.

I finally chose to trust the answer and doubled down on my book. I still had lurking questions about the path of the book and how to publish it, but I learned from my earlier experience.

Ask the question, and trust it.

I asked for what I wanted next, which was guidance on publishing a book. I got a simple message that told me I could trust I would cross paths with the right person when the time was right. Until then, just keep writing.

I decided to trust the answer. I didn’t scour the internet for experts. I didn’t fret over when the person was going to show up. I didn’t try to define who would show up. I just knew it would happen.

Sure enough, last week, and nearly coincidentally, I discovered that an acquaintance of mine, right here in my town, has self published 9 books and she teaches other people how to do it. We’ve had some energizing conversations, and I’ve been propelled down the next step with confidence.

Is this the law of attraction at work? Divine intervention? Whatever you want to call it, the point is, there’s a source of wisdom available to us all, and your only task is to trust it.

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I only need to know the next step.

It’s tempting to want all the answers right now, but I only need to know my next step. Again, it’s the human mind that wants to control and dictate. At the right time, the next step will reveal itself.

This doesn’t mean I sit around passively waiting while life speeds by. I keep doing what I was led to do, and setting the intention that I’ll be guided for the next thing.

I think that’s the key to hearing the guidance. I put out the vibe that I know the answer is on its way.

What do you do if it’s an answer that’s tough to accept?

Trusting is easy if it’s the answer you want to hear, but that’s not always the case. What do you do if it’s an answer that’s tough to accept? Or if the answer is keep doing what you’re doing?

You still need to trust it. Trust it now and get on the path you’re meant to be on, or keep on battling and sufferingonly to hopefully get on the path some other time.

The next step will always reveal itself in perfect timing. Your only task is to trust it.

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