My partner and I, we both have different lines of careers. I am an IT geek and he is a businessman. So one fine day, I sulked and blurted, “How would it work? We don’t share much common interests and our career paths are very diverse.” He smiled and said, “That’s why it would.” 

Being with someone should be for love and respect. Whether the career choice is same or not, it doesn’t matter after a certain point, as you learn to iron out the differences and revel in the similarities. Relationships can be glued together with or without same career choices, but they are still more about leaving that extra piece of your favorite pie in the fridge, just because you want your loved one to have it.

It was just last week when he and I, woke up randomly at 3 am. Instead of going back to sleep, we spent a few hours in the dark, chatting and laughing about random shit we’ve been going through over the months.

It was a nice way to get reminded that to have a best friend in your partner is absolutely lit.