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Every day can seem like an uphill battle for someone struggling to quit smoking. If the thought of kicking the habit is making you feel stressed, you may be surprised to learn that smoking tobacco can increase your stress levels. The Mental Health Foundation says there is a proven link between smoking and your mental health.

The registered charity points to research that has found links between smoking and anxiety, as well as depression and stress. Research is undertaken at King’s College London found tobacco smokers are more likely to develop schizophrenia and at a younger age. In Canada, experts are to advise policymakers on the way forward after new statistics revealed three percent more adults are smoking tobacco now compared to 2016. A Statistics Canada survey suggests 16 percent of Canadians are smokers.

If you are self-medicating with tobacco, consider how chemicals in the smoke are impacting your body. Every time you take a puff, you could be ingesting lead, arsenic, and other dangerous chemicals, such as hydrogen cyanide and formaldehyde. Kicking the habit today will help you see more tomorrows. As well as having lots more energy, you will reduce your chances of having a heart attack, stroke or developing cancer – and give yourself a whole new outlook on life at the same time.

If finding the motivation to quit is the stumbling block, don’t just think about yourself. Think about those around you and especially the people you love. Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do to reduce your stress levels. Not only that, your confidence will be boosted by better skin, nails, and hair.

Tired of smelling like an ashtray, feeling stressed, and like you are no longer in control of your own life? Take the first step to a new, healthier, calmer you – quit smoking tobacco. Find out about the benefits of using nicotine replacement therapy. Many are breaking the cycle with electronic cigarette e-juice in Canada. This smoking cessation system can rid your body of many harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

Just like nicotine replacement patches, electronic cigarette e-juice in Canada comes in a range of nicotine strengths, allowing you to cut down to zero. If you are someone who struggles to keep your hands occupied without a fag, the electronic cigarette and e-juice could be a good starting point.

Increase your chances of success by setting a quit date and sticking to it. Be careful not to swap one addiction for another – unless you are replacing nicotine with exercise. Keeping fit is one of the most beneficial ways to boost your mental health and reduce stress levels. By combining regular exercise, healthy food, and a nicotine replacement product, you can break the cycle.

Being active will take your mind off cigarettes and ensure you keep your weight in check. Stopping smoking will save you money too. You will be able to afford new home decor that doesn’t smell of smoke and reminds you of what you have achieved.

Is it time you stubbed out smoking? If you can get past the point of putting it off, you will never regret it. Here’s to a less stressful, tobacco-free life!


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