It may seem like the longer you live life, the more noise you are able to hear. A lot of the noise that you have developed in your mind is noise that has come from other peoples experiences, fears, and bad habits.

So….how does that help you? It doesn’t, it just adds on to the many challenges that one may experience throughout the course of a life time. Tackling this noise can be a challenge but it is something that you can do more easily by doing this one thing called focus. That’s right, I said it. Focus!!!

Focus is something that everyone does but many times it is done wrong. Your focal points will lead to your life’s victories or defeats. So what are you focusing on? I know that it is easier said than done to focus on the positive things and not the negative things. That is because it is wrong. That method is something that will never allow you to completely move forward, it will just keep you in limbo. There is no way that you can just forget about the negative things that has happend in your life. You may have gone through was disappointment, embarassement rejection, failures, and scars that occured which can be hard to just let go. That’s when the focus needs to be more deeply rooted and complex.

It’s the way that you focus on these things that are going to allow you to release them. If you are alive, I hate to tell you but you are going to have some kind of problems, issues, and challenges going on in your life. The way you truly tackle them and purge them from you is to be able to address them. It’s time to stop hiding from them and get to the root of the reason why they are still a relevant factor in your life.

Focusing on the WHY is more important than the actual problem itself. Once you have discovered the why, it’s time to think about the solutions to the why. The solutions can be discovered easily or it can have mutiple steps in order to really come to reasonable and effective solutions.

Now it’s time for the purge. It may be safe to think that most people want to get rid of their problems or the negative things that are going on in their lives but it may be a challenge for some to know exactly how to really let them go. This is a journey of self realization and a consistant daily exercises that you have to be commited to do. Purging is not about forgetting about what has happened and how it made you feel. It is about embracing the journey and learning the lesson so that you can move forward.

Where and how you decide to focus is going to dictate how the next season of your life is going to be. Use your focus as an arsenal against the negative so that you can freely embrace all of the positive that life has to offer you.

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