By nature, I also wanted to be a creative person and inspire myself from everything good that I came across. I yearned to get more and more creative and always questioned myself if the process would ever end! Trying to garner every bit of information from every possible resource was what I looked forward throughout the younger days of my life. Perhaps I had been trained that way with the brain teasers me and my mom would sit down to after dinner every weekend.

As I reached the adulthood days of my life, being a writer by hobby gave me the chance to explore all the opportunities I learned in my early years. Whether I am under the quilt with a black roller ball pen and my diary or at a local coffee shop with a great Wi-Fi and my laptop, writing and the creativity that comes within takes me to places, places I have heard of, seen in the movies, have in my bucket list ( not check listed yet). Not that I am boasting to be the one who has an exceptional command over the language, but the imagination, the inspiration I gather and the creativity that gets flowing in whatever I pen down- that is where the peace comes from.

Over the years I have realized that as I grew up I was rather a happy person if not a perfectionist. And this is the realization I had most recently after I came across this piece of saying

“What you think you create, what you feel you attract, what you imagine, you become.” – Buddha.

Although it wasn’t at once that it struck me!

All through our lives, we strive to become useful if not for the society or anyone/anything else, at least for ourselves. But what is actually the purpose of life? Usefulness or happiness? On a very personal note, I consider being happy as the prior most requirement to fulfill one’s life’s purpose. After all, what is the worth of being useful without happiness in it? Sure you can be both at the same. But that is not what the point of this piece of mine is.

This piece is about how creativity can make a soul truly happy- where is the key to happiness which we search in locks, locks of people or things! And once we unlock those we carry on to search the same in more and more locks. The locks never end but the keys keep increasing ever and ever.

I believe it does not take years of meditation to find happiness nor could I find it in the self-help books I read. Perhaps because I was already somewhat content and happy with myself the way I was. How I believed I attained it- the same old creativity I was talking of!

And that is not what I just believe in

As I spend most of my time wandering around to find a new spot every week to sit down and get on board with writing. At times, it so happened that it’s the people of a certain locality who inspire me so much as nature. This is actually how I started having a large circle of friends all of them from different backgrounds. It wouldn’t be a surprise if on a given day you find me hanging out with a lawyer, a painter, an archaeologist, an interior designer, an engineer or a media person all at once. Quite strangely, I recently came across an excellent web design expert. I can say this because I have most definitely seen some of his amazing work. He is quite an extrovert as am I. As we got engrossed in intense conversations as both us believed in creativity and how it helps us stay charged and happy, I realized how I am not the only one who believes that creativity changes lives.

The gist of all these?

Passion, fear and acceptance are the keys to creativity or rather a happiness. Get a hold of that hobby you have been always looking forward to, ignore the “but it is not a realistic one” unnecessary advice you will find on the way. Accept the fear, fear never goes away completely but aren’t the backstage failures a complete necessity to be able to create something amazingly beautiful.