Forgive them. They didn’t realize they were lying. Why? Because they were lied to as well. This one big lie has been passed down from generation to generation, and it’s been propped up by the world so that everywhere you look, you’ll see it confirmed and called ‘conventional wisdom’, or ‘common sense’. In fact, this one big lie has dominated human consciousness for over two thousand years, transmitted like an insidious virus from person to person. And almost everybody’s been infected. 

It’s about power. And who’s got it, and who doesn’t. The one big lie you’ve been taught is that power resides outside of yourself. That it’s something you have to acquire, because you are somehow lacking power.

Once you’re aware of the lie, you start to recognize how it manifests in every day life, out there in the world. No doubt you’ve heard (and said) some of these:

  • I hate my job, but it’s too late to start a new career. I’d lose my benefits/security/health insurance. Anyway I could never make a living doing something I love. It’s just the way things are.
  • I’m not ready to start dating again. I’m not attractive enough/need to lose 5 lbs/too old to find the love of my life. Anyway all the good ones are taken. Maybe real love just isn’t in the cards for me.
  • There’s a history of cancer/dementia/heart disease in my family. Everyone eventually gets it and so I’ll probably get it too.
  • I don’t have enough time/money to invest in that pottery class I’ve been wanting to take/the weight loss retreat I’ve been wanting to do/the yoga teacher training I can’t stop thinking about.

These are all very typical examples of what I call condition-based thinking – the most prevalent thinking in the thought-mosphere. I can’t do something I would really love to do because of xyz conditions or circumstances. We give the power to the conditions we see, to our past, to our bank balance. And when we say these things, we absolutely believe them to be true. Why wouldn’t we, when we have consistently given our power away throughout our lives? This thinking is absolutely backwards.

Here’s what’s so incredible: it’s actually our belief that our power resides outside of ourselves that creates the conditions that so convincingly prove us right. It’s what we hold in mind that creates the reality we find ourselves in, even when we wish for a different reality, because it’s our dominant belief systems that transmit to the Universe, who very obligingly mirrors our dominant beliefs back to us as reality (because it loves us). Like, hey you!! Did you notice you keep creating situations of lack? You’ve got a belief in scarcity, check it out!!

Hold on a second – doesn’t that prove that actually WE are the ones with the power???

When I hear someone say, “I’m not a creative person”, I’m like, are you kidding me? You’re creating your entire life! If you don’t like it you can change it! Do you realize how unbelievably powerful you are??? We all have greatness within us, and yet we spend most of our lives selling ourselves short and playing small. For me, one of the most gratifying moments as a life coach is when I see that light start to come on in a client’s eyes, when they realize ‘wait a second, I’m in charge of this whole thing’! 

The TRUTH is, the point of power is within you. You are the determiner of all things in your life. Truly embracing this changes everything. You can never go back to blaming circumstances when you realize you are the creator of those very circumstances. And this isn’t about blaming yourself. It’s about empowerment. Right now, the dancing light-strings of the universe are in superposition, ready at every moment to organize themselves around your thought-vibration. You already have this super power, so will you use it by default, or by design?

Don’t believe the lie. Don’t believe the world. Don’t even believe your dearly loved ones, because anyone who tells you that you can’t do, or be, or have, or give, something you really would love to do, or be, or have, or give, simply hasn’t yet accessed the Truth of their own nature. The point of power is within, and it’s time to embrace this – sooner rather than later, because the destiny of our planet is intimately intertwined with our realization of this truth. Because the TRUTH is, we are all creator beings. We have no choice but to create. You can’t turn off your power of creation, whether you create a heaven or a hell. So use your powers for good.