Gone are the days of feeling left in the dark, wondering how people such as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates achieved such tremendous success. With so many resources out there, it is easier now more than ever to learn from some of the world’s greatest minds.

About a few months ago, I was introduced to the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I’ve always been familiar with the book as my father left several copies around the house. I never really paid the book much mind. I suppose I was too young, and the title did not really captivate me at the time.

It was not until late last year during my interview with Tracy Prigmore, Managing Director of TLTsolutions, did I begin to have second thoughts. She explained how she attributes Rich Dad, Poor Dad to much of her success; putting her on the path to lead a 2019 acquisition of a 101-room Four Points Sheraton hotel — a $13.6 MM project.

After reading the first few pages, I immediately understood why. This easy to digest book uncovers some of the most popular myths that keep the middle class…well, in the middle class. Lessons pertaining to financial literacy and the truth behind assets versus liabilities, makes the book a gem.

If you are interested in advancing your business, life, career or finances, this is a must read. Your thoughts will be challenged and most importantly, you’ll learn how to not get caught up in the rat race most people are already trapped in.

As a full time owner of a marketing consulting agency with an investment property of my own, this book is a must read in 2020.