My first article spilled the beans on the morning routines of nine leading entrepreneurs.

This time around, with over 15 million search results for ‘productivity hack,’ we’re all looking for the ‘magic bullet’ to help us save time and maximize our efforts. Sometimes, trying out new productivity ideas ends up eating up more of our time.

I interviewed nine successful entrepreneurs to ‘dish the dirt’ on the one epic productivity hack that makes the biggest impact in getting stuff done efficiently and saving time.


Key takeaway – Be still to focus on your priorities to make your work count.

Key takeaway – Organize your tasks the night before to start the new day with clarity and purpose.

Key takeaway – Moving around doesn’t mean that your productivity must be at a standstill. 

Key takeaway – Plan your to-do list with estimated time-frames to set realistic targets and prevent overwhelm.

Key takeaway – Apply the power of simplicity by using a straightforward app that captures your to-do list and prioritizes it in your inbox. 

Key takeaway – The rule of three is as easy as A,B,C but don’t underestimate its effectiveness. It’s a very powerful productivity technique.

Key takeaway – Time blocking helps to complete ‘deep work,’ which gives you the focus to make a real dent in big projects.

Key takeaway – Schedule your tasks a week in advance to keep on top of your priorities.

Key takeaway – Travel doesn’t mean your productivity has to remain stationary. Move the needle on your to-do list whilst in transit. 

Despite the plethora of time-saving tips on offer, it’s likely that you have one epic productivity hack that beats all the others. What’s your epic productivity hack? Share the technique, tip or tool that has made the single biggest impact on your productivity.

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