Can you guess the one investment nearly every successful person has made, that they have in common regardless of how they made their wealth?

There is one investment that nearly every successful person has in common. No, It’s not a secret stock, an up and coming real estate market or an uncommon portfolio used by the rich. It’s something much simpler and it doesn’t matter whether you invest time or money or how much. All that matters is you do it consistently throughout your life. 

Warren Buffett famously talks about one of his best investments being a public speaking course that cost him $10. Not bad for a man who is the founder of Berkshire Hathaway, a company with the most expensive share price in history. 

You, yes, you’re the best investment you can make and here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Not subject to external circumstances – you’re not controlled by the economy, you do not inflate or deflate according to what a president tweets, you can only grow. You see, when you invest in the stock market, real estate or alternative investments your money will increase and decrease over time with a possible chance of losing it all. When you invest in yourself you gain skills and you’re building from the inside out, not the outside in. When you act from the inside out you can bring skills to any market place, any economy, any country and still thrive. You’re now grounded in truth and this is the key to success and long-term happiness.
  2. Self Image – You never see a successful person who has not invested in themselves, whether it comes to sports or the business world, top-performers hire coaches/mentors/consultants whatever you want to call them. You will never outgrow your self-image. We have two self-images, external and internal. These are the first investments you should make, so have fun! Dress nicely, invest in coaching, spend time reading informing articles, listening to podcasts, join a nice gym, go to classes, take that vacation, invest in you! Take the hint from every airline and put on your oxygen mask first, only then, can you truly help others.
  3. Your base – Imagine trying to have a successful financial future when you don’t understand basic financial vocabulary such as ETF or Quantitative Easing, how could you possibly invest your money with confidence, you couldn’t! Or how about starting a new career when you haven’t studied any courses or done the work yourself, how could you possibly provide a service or product to someone when you haven’t put in the time or money to learn. Investing in yourself is the basis of all success, the good news is that after school you can pick and choose from a huge variety of subjects that match your passion and mindset.

After my second year out of college I saved as much as I could for the year and invested in consulting. This has allowed me to surround myself with successful people and be held accountable to my goals and progress while I have information that will last me a life-time. Investing in yourself will change your life, give you the roots you need to grow and it’s enjoyable. We live in an age where information is available at our fingertips so pick an area and go all in! 

Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash