If you are struggling to grow your business or you want things to go more smoothly, the perception you have of your company is key to the process. Business owners tend to see their businesses as entities separated from them, and this perceived distance may create some issues in the long term.

Think of your company as a person dear to you. In order to create a thriving business, you have to establish a partnership with it—in the same way, you build relationships with the people you love. As you take time to nurture this relationship, the company will grow with you, and in the process, new ideas and resources will become available.

Growing a company is like raising a child.

Your company is not one of your possessions. It’s true, you created it. You gave it a name, a social security number, and a tax id, but as the business grows it becomes much more than an entity on paper. What would happen if you started to consider it as an entity with its own needs, desires, and aspirations? Just like a child.

After birth, your baby needs constant care and attention because he/she is totally dependent on you. In the same way, your company needs your time and dedication to growing. Later comes a phase in which both the child and the company are able to stand on their feet, and soon they develop their own personalities and needs.

Your company has its own life force.

Every living thing has its own life force, which gives it its vitality and strength. Your company has its own life force, but this force manifests through your personality and ideas. This means that your company is an independent entity, but it also needs your vision and dedication to thrive.

As a business owner, you have to respect the life force of your company, but also work to strengthen it. As you change the perspective on your business and understand your place in it, things will start to flow more naturally and you will find the right way to guide your company towards success without struggling.

Your company attracts the support it needs.

When you start to trust the process, new ideas, resources, and support come your way. The life force of your company creates a magnetic field which attracts what it needs. Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction? According to this law, everything in the Universe is in a state of vibration and similar frequencies attract one another.

Based on this principle, your company also emits vibrations. Your work as a business owner is to love and support your business, respecting its own life and personality. As you find the right balance, the vibration will become stronger and attract the missing pieces your company needs to thrive.

Avoid stressing out looking for resources and support for your company. Instead, focus on establishing a partnership with your business. Spend time visualizing success for your company and trust that its life force and vibration will create a strong magnetic field able to attract everything your business needs.

Your company is a partner, not a burden.

It’s that simple. The process to transform your company into a thriving business starts with your perception of it. Instead of stressing out and letting the pressure-crush you, see your company as a partner in the journey—not a boulder that you have to push up the mountain.

If your company is struggling you might start to see it as a burden, and this idea will create negative vibrations and bring more challenges your way. You are in a partnership with your business, and its life force can do wonders. If you trust the process, it will guide you naturally towards the next steps.

Learn how to let go, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to receive the guidance, support, and resources your company needs. As your business attracts these positive things its magnetic field will become stronger and create a chain of positive events that will ensure a healthy and happy future for your company.