I’ve always been fascinated by the concept that some people seem to accomplish so much more than other people in the same amount of time.

I took myself to task – observe both kinds, and I would discover the good stuff to do more of, and the-not-so-good stuff and do less of that.

The differences were subtle, although the effect they were having on lives was gigantic. Similar to a car engine, or a computer, heck even our own body, a small thing can ruin everything. How small is a grain of sand? And how big of a hole can that make in our foot if we insist on walking without remove it.

Here are my few small findings:

  • Only commit to things you really want to do [or really have to do].
  • If you commit to one, do it, or declare it done. No open loop.
  • Don’t say yes when you mean no.
  • Dump people that suck your energy dry.
  • Remove distractions [you know what those are].
  • Take the time to identify your bigger goals.
  • Make sure your unconscious agrees with your choices.
  • [nobody needs to watch you do that] right now, pat your back.
  • Care for your energy [watch sugar intake, sleep quality, move your body, etc].

Your ability to accomplish stuff is in your hands. Think of yourself as a bank and your energy / ability to do stuff is an amount of money. You start your day with, say $200. The second you wake-up, the clock starts ticking. [Actually, it starts the night before as your sleep has an enormous impact on your energy the next day [https://thesleepdoctor.com/how-to-sleep-better/]

Every moment from the second you open your eyes, either adds money to your bank or withdraws it. Some stuff does neither, but for the most part, it either gives you or it takes away from you.

  1. Wake up with grateful thoughts +++
  2. Love thinking about what you are doing today +++
  3. Sleeping in an uncomfortable bed – – –
  4. Fell asleep last night without devices on ++ [http://ariannahuffington.com/sleep-resources]
  5. Do something kind for yourself [stretch, meditate, read, dance…] +++
  6. Not speak your needs to your partner and resent them for it – – –
  7. Get dressed and hate your clothes/ body – – –
  8. Eat nutritious foods, or intermittent fast +++
  9. Be on time and not stressed to what you do first +++
  10. Hate your commute – –
  11. Appreciate your co-workers ++
  12. Let your email amass in your in box – –
  13. Feel productive and your stuff is in order +++
  14. Drink too much wine at lunch – –
  15. Not have a clear sense of where your life is going – – –
  16. Etc …

You get the gist? Do the tally at the end of the day and stop wondering why you are not accomplishing as much as you’d like. Look at your day as a check and balance process and build your wealth that way.

You might be very surprised by how fast you’d save enough of these dollars to buy a house – heck a city – while sealing all the places where your energy is leaking.

That is the one ingredient. Find your leaks. Seal them.


  • Sophie Chiche

    Founder + CEO


    French-American entrepreneur Sophie Chiche, who created the inspirational and popular website Life by Me, created and founded the urban sweat lodge, Shape House, has blazed a trail for female entrepreneurs. An author, journalist, philanthropist, social activist and global visionary, Sophie has used her knowledge in the field of psychology to change the way we look at sweat, food and self-worth. Her present company, becurrent, helps global organizations increase their output by doing less. Her work has been featured on Ellen, Good Morning America, E!, The Today Show, Billboard, NY Times, LA Times, TEDx, and the Huffington Post.

    And she did it all… while actually doing less.