Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It takes determination and grit.

Being resilient is a necessary skill if you’re going to survive.

We started our business creating funnels and automating systems for our coaching clients. It was not an easy path.

Sometimes we would create products that would completely flop and I’d end up in tears in bed. After a pity party (and maybe a bit of chocolate or cake) I would pick myself up and try again.

This could literally go on for weeks or months. I wasn’t kidding when I said one has to be resilient.

Other times we would launch a product and end up with tens of thousands of dollars in our bank account!

I would go from “OMG, my credit card bill makes me sick to look at” to “OMG, look how much money we just made!”

The difference is like night and day and it can happen very quickly.

I work with female Coaches & Consultants.

As women we can turn things inward and ask ourselves if we’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough or worthy enough of what we see others achieving.

The answer is “Hell yes we are!!!

The one question that kept me going every time things got tough is this:
“What is the alternative?”

What is the alternative if this doesn’t work out? The answer to that questions has always been unacceptable.

To go back and work for someone else. I had done that too many times already.

I was never going to do that again. Ever!!

Those 4 words would be enough to spur me into action every time.

If you’re an entrepreneur and struggling in your business think about what the alternative could be and see how it sits with you.

If you don’t like the answer, take action. Do something to drive you closer to your goal.

Now we live in a beautiful small down surrounded by beautiful rivers and lakes. We love to ski and have access to resorts within an hour’s drive from our house.

The lifestyle and freedom our business now brings us, to be location independent is priceless.

If you’re feeling like giving up when things get tough, just ask yourself “what is the alternative?”

I hope it serves you as well as it has done for me.