Whether you know it or not, at this moment, your life is full of unnecessary clutter that is taking up valuable space in your life, preventing you from reaching your fullest potential. Not all clutter is physical, it is also the mental, emotional and spiritual clutter that is filling the space in your life, which could be better replaced with something more useful and of better service to you.

One of the principal concerns of today’s society is the question of hours in the day. There are only 24 of them, and at times it feels like we need a clone of ourselves just to get everything done. Right? How else are you going to achieve all the things that you want to in this life? Although the dream of having another you is not really a reality, you are not lost in your quest for having it all, you simply need some more practical solutions, a little space to breathe.

By cleaning and clearing away the unnecessary clutter from your life, you are providing yourself with the opportunity and space, as well as the time, to be more open and receptive to any opportunities that come your way. Through the conscious and deliberate act of letting go of the things that are not important, or that do not serve your best interests, you create within and around yourself an inviting space for the things that you actually want in your life, and what to do with them to best serve your unique life purpose.

As space and time move around you, they create what some theories call ‘Karma’, the ‘veil of illusion’, or the past; and no matter the name it goes by, this illusionary veil is the screen on which we view our reality. It is a simple projection of our minds’ view that has been placed upon the world that we see with our very own eyes. Our own personalized and objective projection of reality onto the world.

This “seen” reality, the veil of illusion that exists continuously all around us, has the tendency to have us go through certain experiences over and over again, forcing us to relive an experience repetitively over time. Even though the people, places, circumstances, and events may change, it feels like you are going through a continuous loop, often finding yourself saying things like… ”why does this keep happening to me?”

Surely this has happened to you before? These experiences are not uncommon. Things that happened a number of years ago may be showing themselves again in your reality today, forcing you to run into the same issues and problems that you have encountered before.

Albeit under the guise of a new face, place and situation. Perhaps you are continually running into situations where people you trust are talking money from you, or lying to you on a continuous basis. These are the challenges that need to be faced and dealt with to break the cycle. The bottom line is repeating these actions and cycles, without achieving any resolve. Once again it is a situation that leaves you wondering, “Why does this always happen to you?”

Clearing and Decluttering Your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit

The space in your life is not unlimited, and using and safeguarding this space that you carry to the best of its abilities is something that you should take more seriously. Being protective of this space of yours allows you to better focus your attention, time and this space on what is truly important and powerful to you, and your life. Whether you have recognized it yet or not, we are here to make some much needed room in your life by clearing away the unnecessary clutter that is clogging it up, and preventing you from the free-flow intention that was proposed from this life.  

Why is Letting Go so Important?

As with the majority of things in this life, when they are done serving us we let them go. Like throwing away a pizza box when you are done eating the pizza. There is no need to hold onto the box because the pizza was great…The deliberate and intentional act of letting go of what you don’t want or what is not serving you any longer is of the utmost importance. Through this acknowledgment and release of the old, you are creating more space in your life to invite more of what you want into it, while at the same time scaling down your life, and by proxy, calming down your mind.

How and Why to Let Things Go

You can make the conscious choice now to actively allow yourself to let go of the things that are no longer serving you by reviewing:

  1. Knowing that letting go needs to happen
  2. Discover what you need to let go of in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level
  3. Using tools and techniques, such as meditation and healthier eating practices, to clearing away those old habit patterns and behaviours
  4. Decluttering your space by throwing away, giving away or recycling things
  5. Cleaning up the things that take up your mental space
  6. Letting go of drama and conflict in your life
  7. Resolving to more quiet reflective time

By letting go of what is not needed you are creating for yourself a clear space in the areas of the body, mind, emotions and spirit. A space that is now ripe to receive your utmost desires and fulfill your true potential.

Here are some ideas of how you can create more space in your life:

At the level of the Body:

Creating more space for yourself at the level of the body is a relatively simple process. Clearing out space in your closet, old drawers, garage or storage unit is simply a case of, if you haven’t used it for a few months, chances are, you don’t need it anymore. Similarly, clearing and creating space at the body/physical level requires that you let go of those habits and actions that take up your time in a way that does not serve you positively.

By letting go of these non-serving actions and habit patterns, you automatically create a new space in your life to incorporate better, more harmonizing lifestyle practices. Practices such as; a healthier diet and more regular exercise regime, making more time for self-care practices and meditation are all important at the physical/body level. 

At the level of the Mind:

Chances are, you probably spend a fair amount of time worrying about what people think of you. Most people do. The problem comes from the fact that worrying about what people think of you is a huge waste of your time and mental energy.  Not spending your time worrying about what people think about you, believing in your own power and standing in your own space is going to free up space in your mind as you begin to believe in yourself even more.

Furthermore, by calming your erratic ‘monkey mind’ you allow yourself the opportunity for some clarity in thought, silencing the incessant chatter that is oh so disruptive. Entering a Zen-like calm and quiet state of mind will allow you to discover your own inner peace.

At the Emotional level:

Establishing and enforcing your personal boundaries are practices that help us to own our space, and allow us to focus more readily on the things in our lives that are really important to us and matter most. Freeing yourself from any unnecessary drama in your life is essential to your overall well being and generally the healthy state of your mind and emotions.

One good example would be to list the people in your life, and assign to them their appropriate roles. Whether they add energy and/or value to your life or not, and whether time spent with them makes you feel good and fulfilled afterwards. From this you can then decide which people in your life are there to stay, and which of them should be moved to a more casual relationship, and which should rather be let go. This new found joy, harmony and respect for our life is going to clear the way for you to live the freest, most full-on and authentic version of yourself.

At the Spiritual level:

When you are passionate about something, it’s this passion that you need to allow to be your driving force. Allow yourself to be passionate about your passion. Do not shrink yourself to fit into what you think is expected of you. Pursue your passion at every turn, fervidly. Do not be afraid of trusting your gut feeling and reactions, or your intuitive guidance, they are yours to use and to trust and should be taken advantage of. After all, this is only going to strengthen your connection to Spirit.

By simply saying “Yes” to yourself and your internal guidance system, you will be able to successfully blaze your authentic life’s path.

Letting go is the first step to making any move and gaining any momentum in a forward direction, and decluttering your life in the all-important aspects of the body, mind, emotions and spirit is the only way to begin your new journey moving forward.

So, time to get started!!!