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What is this mysterious thing that will boost (or sabotage) your success in 2020? Let me tell this immediately: the unconscious!

95% of our minds is unconscious

Unconsciousness takes up 95% of our mind, according to science suggestion. And believe it or not, the unconscious mind has a big influence on our behaviors (Freud).

“When thinking of the unconscious mind, it can be helpful to compare the mind to an iceberg […] Consider how an iceberg would look if you could see it in its entirety,” said Kendra Cherry, in her article on “Understanding the unconscious”. And most of the time, we are unaware of it!

Why my unconscious mind can be my ally or enemy?

OK, now ideas set for the unconscious mind. What has it to do with you?

The truth is, while you want so badly your goals in 2020, your unconsciousness might sabotage them every second without you being even aware of it!

Let me explain. 

Take a piece of paper and write down your goal. For example, I want a job promotion by June 2020.

Copy this sentence 10 times. Really think and imagine it realized when you write it down.

Now write down all your thoughts each time you feel something uncomfortable when you write about it. 

It can be: “June? Impossible, because how can I have it in six months?”. “I’m too tired now to take on that important project. My boss will never appreciate it. Perhaps no promotion in at least 1 year!”. “Job promotion? No way! They are laying off many people!”, Or “With that promotion, I might have more work and my partner will not be happy if I travel too much”.

Write down all the thoughts that come without analyzing them. Just brainstorm. 

You will be surprised how many beliefs you hold unconsciously about the fact that what you really want is not possible! These are the things that hold you back!

Tell me, how can you realize your goals if 95% of yourself believe that they are impossible?

How to set my unconscious mind for success?

First thing to do: make yourself aware of your self-defeating habit!

You will say: but I’m already aware of these things. How can it change positively for my success?

But hold on. I need to finish. Make yourself aware frequently, if possible on a daily basis. Believe me, new ideas and beliefs appear each day.  And you will be surprised to discover new thoughts that you didn’t even imagine!

Unconscious thoughts are covered up during your daily activity. Set a time to sit down calmly and write them down. Set one goal that is of ultimate importance. Every day, note down the same goal and write down your self-defeating thoughts. Some day you have more. Some other days you will have less. This process will help you discover a lot of things from your unconscious mind!

I tried this exercise consistently for almost three months. And I have to tell you, it was powerful just to be aware of your unconscious thoughts about your ultimate goal.

Second thing to do: resolve each self-defeating thought

Once you’ve done this exercise, give each thought a resolution. For example, write down: “I believe I can achieve this, because…” and find out the reasons why you can do it. For example, “It’s true that they are laying off many people, but the re-structuration will also create new opportunities. And I will have this promotion”.

In the end, why do I do this?

The objective of the whole process is for you to give yourself permission to be successful. Instead of always holding on to your thought (without knowing it), that “I need at least 1 year to have promotion”, or “my boss needs to appreciate this”…, you should start immediately allow yourself to succeed, no matter what. Believe me, success starts firstly in your own thoughts!

Third thing to do: go “general” when you feel hard to believe

When I try to resolve self-defeating unconscious habit patterns, what about evident things that are hard for me to believe?

One useful statement to make about your goal is: “I don’t need to know how and when it comes. I just need to know what and why”. And keep it to that level.

Also, when things are hard to believe, make it general. For example, if your objective is to be “millionnaire”, it is clear that it is hard to find that feeling of belief right now. But you can tell yourself: “Many of the millionaires were right at my place before, being very ordinary people. So it is possible! “. Try to find better thoughts by going general.

So you’ve learned the one thing that matters for your success in 2020! How to go about it? Once prioritize your ultimate goal, 1) make yourself aware of self-defeating thoughts on a frequent basis. Then 2) resolve them one by one. And finally, 3) go general and find better thoughts to make you believe it. Why not try this today and set yourself for success in 2020?

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