There are endless lists, habits, morning rituals, and skills to acquire to succeed in anything in life, but if I had to boil it down to one thing, if I could have one superpower it would be ‘Self Belief’.

Self Belief is unwavering, unstoppable, absolute, undeniable confidence in your own abilities and judgements, that whatever you choose to do, however hard it is, however long it takes you, no matter what you’ve got to do along the way and no matter what challenges get thrown at you, you just keep going because you believe in yourself and therefore you believe it’s possible.

Success comes from that Unwavering, Unstoppable, Unequivocal, Unfaltering, Absolute Self Belief.

When you have self-belief, whatever you’re selling, whatever you say, people listen, you exuberate confidence, charisma, enthusiasm, and energy, people buy from you, people invest in you, people believe in you because you believe in yourself.

Naysayers don’t crush you, you easily disregard them.

Failure doesn’t crush you, you find another way. It just spurs you on.

When you have ‘Self Belief’ every single day you are motivated,  laser-focused, committed, driven to moving forward no matter what. You are absolutely rooted in your mission.

You do whatever is necessary to move forward to building your dream, achieving your goal.

Who has this? Muhammed Ali when he said “I am the Greatest”, before he had succeeded, Bruce Lee, Tony Robbins, Hal Elrod, entrepreneurs, pro athletes, and countless others, all achieving extraordinary success because of their absolute and total ‘Self Belief’.

In 2016, I was on a Yoga Teacher Training course in London, and there was one girl that stood out in the class. She just asked a lot of questions, always put her hand up, always volunteered, was willing to make a fool of herself and I noted her focus and determination. 

A year later, she was the one person I chose out of a class of 35 people to partner with on a yoga retreat. I knew she would get things done. As novices, we had no mailing list or social media acumen, we blindly started advertising our retreats in as many random and haphazard ways we naively thought possible. Even in the midst of no strategy, no experience, I started to see how Charlotte approached things with absolute, total self-belief. She was fearless, she had no self-doubts, she was only focused on one thing and that was she would have this retreat sell out and so not surprisingly she did.

Ever since then whenever I’m unsure of myself, I often remind myself to do things the ‘Charlotte way’ and I continue to keep tabs on her progress because she’s always doing something that I’d never thought would be possible.

If something matters to you enough, you find a way. Don’t waste your energy on failure, doubt or all the reasons why you might not succeed but instead just focus on that one thing, that one outcome you want and have total, absolute, unwavering ‘Self Belief’ in yourself, just like Charlotte.

I have become absolutely passionate about the subject of mindset, and when I became a Certified Hypnotherapist, although I was getting amazing results from the few clients I had in the beginning, it was a very slow and steady process for me and yet again, I witness ‘Charlotte’s‘ breaking records, crushing it, creating empires, in lightning speed. Just never questioning or doubting themselves, pushing forward. I was again reminded to ‘Be like Charlotte’.