What if you were to slow everyth.i.n.g. d..o…w….n?

Slow down.

You’re missing so much by going so fast.

Racing from one moment to the next.

Frantically searching for the magic ingredient that will make you happy.

So busy looking that you fail to see YOU ARE HAPPINESS ITSELF.

There is such irony in the human existence.

Slow down.

You’re too busy.

Always on the go.

Slow down.

You do so much.

It’s impossible to sustain.

Too much doing, not enough being.

Slow down.

Your entire experience of life changes when you slow it all down.

Eat slower.

Drink slower.

Walk slower.

Think slower.

Talk slower.

Are you even aware of the pace of which you do everything?

Could you become more conscious about slowing everything down?

Let’s try it right now.

I invite you to read this differently.

Slow down.

Allow the words time to touch your heart.

Slow down.




Slow down.

What if you could recognize you are magical?

Pause for a moment and acknowledge that everything you have done in life so far has guided you to this exact moment.

How wonderful.

Slow down and notice the beauty.

The good, the bad and the ugly in your life was all part of your path to this precise second.

How magical.

You were destined to read this post.

The Universe knows it’s your time.

You are ready to remember the truth, which is…

You are a human being, but you think you’re merely human.

You’ve forgotten you are a being.

Big mistake.


But very common.

Like millions of others, you’re only living half a life.

You live as only human, oblivious to your true nature as a being.

This is the source of ALL your problems.

This post is designed to shake you up, wake you up and remind you of the WHOLE truth of who you are – a human being.

When you live as merely human, you leave out part of who you are.

That’s why it feels like something is missing.

Something is missing.

A pretty significant something.

It’s the very essence of who you are.

The Universe wants to remind you that you are a divine spirit, here in human form.

A human being.

Until you recognise and acknowledge both aspects of your existence – human AND being – you will feel like something is missing.

You will try to fill the void with a fabulous lifestyle, a sexy spouse, a great job and lots of money.

But even if you obtain all of that, you will still feel something is missing.

Only when you re-awaken to the reality of your true self will you feel whole, content and happy.

Discovering your being

Your being is who you are without the constructed story of the human.

It’s you, pure you.

Stripped back.


Just you.

Your human is busy. Busy climbing the hierarchy. Busy staying safe. It has a lot of things to do.

Your being, however, has nothing to do. No goals to reach, no stuff to buy, nothing to say, nowhere to go.

It is simply being.

This is the very heart of who you are.

You might call it your soul, your spirit, your divine essence or your inner self.

Labels don’t matter.

The only thing important is that you recognise there’s a really cool part of yourself that simply exists.

You don’t even have to know or believe that this part of you is an extension of the entire Universe and therefore has you plugged into infinite power, peace and happiness.

That knowledge will come.

First you have to acknowledge the truth.

You are a human being.

Not merely a human.

A human being.

All you have to do is slow down.

Awareness of your being will emerge from the stillness.

Acknowledge your being.

Then honour it.

Then listen to it.

And watch your life unfold with effortless, unspeakable beauty. 

Published with permission from The Lost Art of Being: Secrets to a Calm, Happy, Easy Life