Do you feel like no matter what you try you’re still not feeling any better.

You’re still heating up, sleeping badly, muddle your thinking and generally feel bad about yourself.

I’ve been there. I know it sucks. But let me ask you a question…


Change your eating, start exercising, dabble with meditating, change your sleep patterns…

And has it lead to a whole heap of frustration, stress and a feeling of what’s the point in trying to change. Nothing I’m doing works.

Well I want you to STOP.

Stop trying to eat differently.

Stop worrying about not exercising.

Stop with your half hearted approach to meditation

Getting control of your menopause symptoms comes through commitment to small changes not a haphazard approach to trying anything and everything


ONE THING that you can really commit to.

That could be going for a walk twice a week, trying a green smoothie for breakfast every Tuesday, having a bath with Epsom bath salts three times a week, cutting out mid week drinking or no caffeine after 11am.

Or maybe you could cut out mid week drinking or stay away from caffeine after 11am.

But just chose ONE THING and STOP trying EVERYTHING!

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