You may fail in life. Everybody does one or more time in life. You have already heard a plenty of tips about how you can turn your failure to success. I am not going into that topic. I focus here on the one thing that makes the state of collapse permanent. You should never be accompanied by failed people.

I had a colossal failure in my life during the financial crisis of 2008. I have told the story in another article. Anyway, I was not the only one who had a bad time in 2008. Many traders lost everything. I have got over the failure and am living a happy life. But many could not make it. They gathered to drink and smoke to forget about their sorrows. Everyone of them was a loser. Nobody could help another. They became addicted. Some lost their families.

You must avoid the company of other failed people. When you fail, it is natural that you will feel frustrated and disappointed. You feel need to share your frustrations with someone. You are vulnerable when you have failed. You may choose the wrong people to be accompanied by. Be careful, don’t come along with defeated people.

When failed people gather in a group, they transmit negative energy to one another. They distract themselves from reality. They are stuck in the dark hole of failures. Any chance of moving upward diminish.

There is an old Indian proverb, “ If you are surrounded by the good people, you can reach the heaven but if you are surrounded by negative people you will end up in the hell.” This proverb is still valid.

Earlier in this year, there was a fatal bus accident in West Bengal, India. The bus fell into a river and passenger was killed. Later on, it appeared that some passengers could escape through windows. They tried to do so, but passengers inside also tried to escape. It was bloody chaos inside the bus, and nobody could come out alive. Some passengers could flee if they were not pulled down.

I am trying to make my point that a failed person can’t help another failed person. On the contrary, a failed person with or without intention prevent another person to succeed.

You can find many Facebook groups of unsuccess people like groups of jobless, groups of divorced people, even groups of bipolar persons. A failed person tries to find someone to share his sad feelings. Another person is often a failed person. Abandoned people tend to gather in a group. The group of depressed people is sorry for all its members.

If you failed to reach your target, you must not come to another unsuccessful person to get advice. You should go to a successful person for inspiration.
If you come to a failed person, he will not give you any vitamin. He will provide you with a cigarette or perhaps a joint of hashish. Instead of finding a right way, you will risk of being addicted.

In Denmark, ghetto housing area is a growing concern. Unemployed, low educated and people with criminal backgrounds live in the ghetto area. The government defines this way of living as a “parallel society.” All defeated people escape from the real world and hide in the ghetto. The failed people accompanied one another and stuck in failures lifelong.

Children born and raised in the ghetto area are different, they are not integrated into the mainstream of the Danish society. The Danish government has taken a master plan to abolish the ghetto. Not just Denmark, all other countries have more or less ghetto problem.

Some weak minded people become very frustrated when they miss their targets in life. Out of depression, they start smoking and drinking. They become addicted and can not come out from the black hole. If you fail to reach your goal, you must not join the people who are already spoiled.

The community of mentally weak failed people can’t provide anything good to you. Unfortunately, this kind of community gets more members. They even create hashish clubs where they spoil themselves to the end.

The failure in life is normal. Everybody sometimes fails in life. You can learn from the mistake and get guidance from the successful people. Then try again. You may succeed this time. If are failed, never join the community of failed people, the will keep pulling down.

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